Gray Saturday

IMGP1903_x1000Awoke around 4:00AM in the dark to the sound of pelting rain. At 6:00 the light had barely come-up and the gray was thick all around. This time we’re not above the crud and in the Light. Wet, cold, rainy-gray days with mist in the gullies and down between the ridges always reminds me of Boarding School. Not much to do, and all that is lacking to really fix the reminder is a touch of dysentery or a fever. I spent a few days in the Dispensary at different times. It was a mini mock-hospital with a nurse and white, enamel-painted steel-framed beds separated by curtains. It smelled like disinfectant. One night I was there for fourteen stitches to my hand where I had cut it open on a broken bottle in deep grass while we were at the lower playing field, playing Capture The Flag in the dark. There was usually one or two sick boys attempting to eat barley soup, and recovering from some disgusting tropical ailment like worms. The medicine you have to take for that makes you weak as a dog.