Barcelona 1979

Scenes from the Spanish Civil War, a gruesome reminder still today.
The church has a really big and spectacular vaulted ceiling, one huge arch from end to end. But you are facing away from the front of the church with your back to it, looking at the smaller chapel in the gated church courtyard.
In Winter-time when I was there the sun did not rise very high over the 24-foot tall, sturdy stone walls, and the general temperature was like a cold Summer day in San Francisco.
On the left are big, rectangular double-doors guarding the entrance leading into the circular courtyard. They are made of wrought-iron and heavy-timber. The stone walls are over six-feet thick.
The long row of pock-markings along the wall are from machine-gun bullets. The fountain is also still partially demolished, marked by bullet-fire. Here is where many-many people died, rounded-up in numbers and executed by one group or another.
To the right of the fountain and behind the tree there is a much smaller, single-door or secondary exit – a “Priest’s door.” That small but heavy wrought-iron door has a curved top and a small face-sized grate-opening in it. It also is covered in pock-marks.
The floor of the courtyard must have been awash in blood. It happened over a period off several days or maybe even weeks, all the killing.
And various factions still hate each other.