Stinkwheel Werks

New-ish Zoom-Zoom truck!

I was gassing-up the new-to-me ’11 Silverado Z-71 and a guy ahead of me at the forward pump (who was pulling a boat and taking up two spaces) was wearing this t-shirt that I really-really totally HAD to have.
Between the Stihl yard equipment and other two-stroke junk around the ranch, I realized my beloved KTM was feeling neglected and needed attention.
Like I need another hobby, but I shouldn’t abandon the ones I still have.
I have never re-packed the (non Forest-Service approved) silencer in over twenty years, and on the last ride around the pasture it was ring-a-ding-dinging so LOUD I needed ear-plugs. You could hear the expansion chamber banging with every pulse, expanding and rattling on the cylinder head, with the bent-in FMF pipe clanking against the exhaust port. The coolant is suspect, and the trans-oil (Type-F) definitely needs changing. It is just time to do something, even if it was 103 outside and probably more in the garage.
(Remind me to get the garage insulated.)
But I just need to spend some quality time with my old stinkwheel buddy, wrenching on simple things. There’s a performance shop nearby who can do the forks and fluids therein.
So today I ordered a new “Gnarly” pipe, and a Q-Stealth Forest-Service approved spark-arrestor silencer – and after looking at my kit, a new pair of riding pants and a fresh Camelbak for hydration because my old ones were all groty. Also I need a new dirt-lid because the 20-year old Arai MX just rotted-out.
But the knobbies are good and the chain is fine, and maybe I can find some Senior trail-riders in the fall when things cool down a bit and the moisture comes up.