NOooo!! CA Gerrymander Proposition 27 – Lies, Fakery, and Falsity

From Ballot☆Pedia

At first I was enamored by the surface of this protest, to see the reflection of my own handsome face in the mirror-pond, wearing my old Youth Brigade beret and flowing hair – and feel the immense rippling power of my collective awesomeness.

Then the waters actually did ripple and with consciousness I saw my balding Earthworm Jim visage, the thin gray chest hair, and my delusion of grandiosity died.

If there was ever a DoubleTalk-DoubleSpeak award this might get it.
If the googly-eyed pinchy botox-faced Nancy Pelosi, the sad-clown Communist Barbara Lee, and psychotically deranged Lynn Woolsey gave money to it, it must be self-serving.

If scumbucket George Soros is for it, beyond simply being bad it is very likely to be evil.

The Incumbents and Political Master-Class want their power back and the will pay millions in their effort to return control to themselves. They want to eliminate the little people who are on the Commission and return it to the untrustworthy, lying fat-cats of Incumbistan.  For the greedy stupid Pasha’s to get their power back they preform Jihad on the electorate and Taqiyya. The lying.

Donor Amount
Haim Saban $2,000,000
AFSCME $1,250,000
Working 4 Working Americans $500,000
Democratic State Central Committee of California $250,000
Judy Chu TruPAC $125,000
Charles Calderon for State Assembly Committee $100,000
George Soros $100,000
Peter Angelos $100,000
Louise Gund $100,000
Edith Wasserman $100,000
Zenith Insurance $100,000

Note: “Working 4 Working Americans” is described by Capitol Weekly as “a Washington, D.C.-based, labor-backed group.”

17 Democratic congressmen either gave money directly to the campaign or whose campaign committees gave money:

Mike Honda, shame on you!
And it’s entirely partisan, no members of the Republican Party have made any move to support this bayotch, while members of the Democratic Party are bankrolling it either personally through their state senate or state assembly campaign committee, or through a ballot measure campaign committee set up with their name on it:

Politician Office held Party Amount
Charles Calderon State Assembly, District 58 Democrat $100,000
Mike Eng State Assembly, District 49 Democrat $100,000
Bob Blumenfield State Assembly, District 40 Democrat $85,000
John Perez State Assembly, District 46 Democrat $49,000
Alex Padilla State Senate, District 20 Democrat $34,000
Felipe Fuentes State Assembly, District 39 Democrat $30,000
Nancy Skinner State Assembly, District 14 Democrat $30,000
Karen Bass State Assembly, District 47 Democrat $20,000

Bastards! No to 27 – this stuff is the ugly sausage-factory of politics.

Rewriting History – $6.5 TRILLION collapse and all I got was this lousy Taxpayer Funded t-shirt?

Former Enron CEO and Bush Contributor Ken Lay presided over a measly $65 Billion collapse and no taxpayer bailout. Meanwhile Fannie Mae CEO’s, weighing in with a $6.5 Trillion collapse and with a taxpayer bailout. The Center for Responsive Politics keeps track of which politicians get Fannie and Freddie political contributions. The top three U.S. Senators getting big Fannie and Freddie political bucks were Democrats and number two is Senator Barack Obama.

Two guys who presided over the biggest financial disaster in modern times are shielded by Democrats who’s policies they supported and encouraged. Ken Lay (deceased) became famous and was the subject of numerous SNL skits. Will the same fate befall these two, and what the hell do they look like? Jim Johnson, Former Fannie Mae CEO/Lehman Executive and now Obama Campaign Advisor/Contributor – Beginning in January of 1990 and continuing through December 1999 he was employed by Fannie Mae. He served as Vice Chairman (1990), Chairman and CEO (1991-1998), and Chairman of the Executive Committee (1999). Prior to joining Fannie Mae, Johnson was a managing director in corporate finance at Lehman Brothers. Before joining Lehman (now defunct), he was the president of Public Strategies, a Washington-based consulting firm he founded to advise corporations on strategic issues. Jim Johnson who was asked by Senator Barack Obama to start the search for a viable Vice Presidential candidate. Johnson did the same job for John Kerry in 2004 and Walter Mondale in 1984.

Franklin Raines, Former Fannie Mae CEO who served as White House budget director under President Bill Clinton, is currently employed by Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign as an economic adviser. In 2005 Fannie Mae’s regulator reported that the company’s quarterly reports of profit growth over the past few years were “illusions deliberately and systematically created” by the company’s senior management, which resulted in a $10.6 Billion accounting scandal. The Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight’s report goes on to say that Fannie Mae employees deliberately and intentionally manipulated financial reports to hit earnings targets in order to trigger bonuses for senior executives. In the case of Franklin Raines, Fannie Mae’s former chief executive officer, OFHEO’s report shows that over half of Mr. Raines’ compensation for the 6 years through 2003 was directly tied to meeting earnings targets. The report of financial misconduct at Fannie Mae echoes the deeply troubling $5 billion profit restatement at Freddie Mac.
In 2005 there was an itty-bitty oopsie $10.6 Billion problem.
In 2006, the OFHEO announced a suit against Raines in order to recover some or all of the $50 million in payments made to Raines based on the overstated earnings [4] initially estimated to be $9 billion but have been announced as 6.3 billion.[2]. In June 2008 Wall Street Journal reported that Franklin Raines was one of several politicians who received below market rates loans at Countrywide Financial (now in ruins) because the corporation considered the officeholders “FOA’s”–“Friends of Angelo” (Countrywide Chief Executive Angelo Mozilo). He received loans for over $3 million while CEO of Fannie Mae. [5] Franklin Raines is currently one of Barack Obama’s chief economic advisers. (my emphasis) Just going on how they so successfully glommed onto huge amounts of personal gain and cash-money, I’d say they were Uniters, united in the spirit of gainfulness…

That’s who’s advising Mr. Barak Obama on political policy and finance issues, not Ken Lay (who’s dead), who’s Non-Taxpayer-Bailout scandal was worth only a fraction of a percentage of these guy’s.

In short: Ken Lay, Enron, $65 Billion, no public bailout, congressional lynching – now he’s dead.
Compared to: Jim Johnson and Franklin Raines, CEO’s Fannie Mae, $6.5 TRILLION, taxpayer bailout to preserve a longtime Democrat-run DC feifdom and social engineering program, no hearings – Barak Obama’s advisors in politics, finance, and housing…

Oh great, just great.

UPDATE: Source/Cite – OpenSecrets.Org Link (and above) of top Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac recipients – Barak’s #2!
What about Clinton’s own Jamie Gorelick, Mistress of Disaster? Reportedly an Obama choice for Attorney General?
Author of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy – and also author of The Wall, the policy which prevented the foreign intelligence and criminal investigative communities from collaborating, easing the path for terrorists to 9/11.
Jamie Gorelick who also had a direct hand in the mortgage securitization debacle.

In 1999 Fannie Mae announced that it would purchase $10B in CRA loans. In 2001 they reached that target as Ms. Gorelick announced that they would roll these into special security issues.

“Our approach to our lenders is `CRA Your Way’,” Gorelick said. “Fannie Mae will buy CRA loans from lenders’ portfolios; we’ll package them into securities; we’ll purchase CRA mortgages at the point of origination; and we’ll create customized CRA-targeted securities. This expanded approach has improved liquidity in the secondary market for CRA product, and has helped our lenders leverage even more CRA lending. Lenders now have the flexibility to use their own, customized loan products,” Gorelick said.

ChangeHope? I don’t think so…

Guns and Ammo Legislation

I was really reluctant to support Mitt or Rudy since their 2nd Amendment credentials were flimsy and transparent at best, I wanted what I heard from Fred.

I live in perpetual Electoral Dysfunction, in the Gerrymandered Hell that is California – a One-Party State complete with Potemkin Republicans who steal my taxes like the best Democrats and use them to buy votes – only they cannot win, they just get to play in the kiddie-pool.

I have not been able to vote FOR a candidate in a very long time – nor has my vote meant anything in many election cycles. My only hope is voting AGAINST the Evil I see across the Aisle, whether it’s a popular instrument of the thoroughly corrupt Illinois Party-Machine, or the loathsome she-creature that crawls on her belly sucking life from the Tree of Liberty.

I’m stuck voting for McCain – don’t let your moral vanity and personal self-esteem blind you to the needs of the rest of the Citizenry or YOU will be living the memory of Freedom that I do now, as you become Californized and assimilated.

I’m a one-issue voter, voting for one thing, the one tool that Citizens still have that can make a difference in free-speech, finance, or immigration reform. It’s the single tool that backstops and guarantees Free-speech in the Bill of Rights – and about which 1st Amendments advocates so often feel embarrassed and are reluctant to support…Shame on them – it’s a Right, not an Option to be fiddled-away.

Look around you there are forces coalescing. If you haven’t noticed lately there’s been a recent prohibitionary surge in many Democrat controlled States. They have introduced the absurdly laughable fiction of “microstamping” as Legislation, and lead-ammo bans to protect one extinction-teetering species or another — no doubt following the lead of our muscle-headed Rhinocrat Ecoweenie Governator Shwarrzennkennedy – such a huge disappointment, we are so over him.

The legislation is a real trend and make no mistake it’s not about helping the Police – it adds to their already substantial administrative burden. It’s also not about how inexpensive and viable the technology is either, or even “how many lives it will save” – if it was any of those beneficent things it would be free like 9-1-1 is free (thanks Rob!)- it’s about imposing burdensome regulations in a concerted effort to drive manufacturers out of business. When they are gone your freedom is too.

IPSC Sock Puppets Profiteers

From .:DANEgerus we get a listing of the Global Hoaxing “hedge”-fund profiteers. Interstingly enough (or not surprisingly, or sadly enough) Governments that have signed-on to the IPCC Kyoto scam have opened the floodgates to various tidy Lefty investment strategies and profits to be reaped (or is that raped), from taxpayers who are left with no recourse and very likely future criminal penalties for individual noncompliance.
Don’t be too surprised, some of the richest people in the world are Communists and they didn’t get that way by the sweat of their OWN brow…

* Richard Tipper of the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management (ECCM), a consulting company deriving revenue from carbon-absorption forestry projects. According to Ecotopia, “ECCM works closely with Future Forests… Tipper helped form ECCM some months after being appointed to the LULUCF panel.”

* Mark Trexler, a founder of Trexler & Associates, a pioneering firm “poised to make millions of dollars by promoting and monitoring carbon sequestration and other ‘climate mitigation’ projects.”

* Pedro Moura-Costa, an executive of Ecosecurities Ltd., a consulting firm specializing in the “generation of Emission Reduction Credits” from carbon-offseting activities. Ecosecurities has offices in the US, the UK, Brazil, Australia and The Netherlands.

* Gareth Philips of SGS Forestry, a division of the Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS) of Geneva, the world’s largest inspection, auditing and testing company. SGS Forestry derives revenue from its carbon forestry projects. SGS certifies Costa Rica’s carbon offsets and “hopes to expand its work.”

* Sandra Brown of Winrock International, an Arkansas-based organization which accepts contracts from “public and private” sources. Winrock “provides forest carbon monitoring technical services to U.S. government agencies and a wide range of private sector and non-governmental organizations. “

* Peter Hill of Monsanto Corporation, which has a “large stake in genetically modified organisms, including, potentially, organisms modified to take up or store carbon more efficiently.”…

The World Rainforest Movement investigated these bizarre financial ties and concluded that the IPCC report “must now be shelved due to their clear conflict of interest and a new report instigated which will be free of the taint of intellectual corruption.”


In April 2007 an investigation by the Financial Times of the carbon offsets industry reported:

* Widespread instances of people and organizations buying worthless credits that do not yield any reductions in carbon emissions.

* Industrial companies profiting from doing very little – or from gaining carbon credits on the basis of efficiency gains from which they have already benefited substantially.

* Brokers providing services of questionable or no value.

* A shortage of verification, making it difficult for buyers to assess the true value of carbon credits.

* Companies and individuals being charged over the odds for the private purchase of European Union carbon permits that have plummeted in value because they do not result in emissions cuts.

Algore’s gettin’ rich, a bunch of UN-connected dudes are scamming for all they’re worth (as per-usual) and gettin’ rich, and the UN club-for-dictators announces even scarier booga-booga! NEWS, to drive more sheep into the shearing pen.

As Phil Valentine at the Tennessean notes:

..Global warming is the perfect template for Marxism because it’s the great equalizer. The wealthier a nation, the more CO2 it produces. To atone for its sins, it must pay carbon offsets. In other words, the producing nations pay the non-producing or under-producing nations in cash for the sin of emitting a harmless gas. It’s beautiful.

The global warming movement is a way to not just confiscate money and wealth from the producers, but because of their guilt, they gladly hand it over. If Karl Marx were still alive, he’d be beaming with pride.

"I Govenator" – Herman Munsternegger

Apparently while I was away in a Free State exercising my 2nd Amendment rights, the Californoodilia Disney-Governator revealed that his originally deep-implanted Euro-wetware bioprogramming favors the Rise of the Machines over the Rights of People.
For some reason, despite all the widespread evidence and obvious burdensomeness of the addition of an infantile pseudo-technology on Polizei efforts, he hopes that by signing the Magical Mechanical Microstamping Fantasy Act   The Only Ones will be given a new tool in solving violent Hollywood-style CSI crimes in under 40-minutes, as seen on TV.

In a backhanded way his signing of this ridiculous legislation validates the Constitution’s Article 2, Section 1, that sets forth a requirement for serving as president that of being a “natural-born citizen.” Some people want to amend the Constitution to allow a Euro-programmed steroidal Cyborg to become President – evidently they welcome our new robot overlords.

In other news Cyborg-Governor Herman Munsternegger also signed the Mechanical Magical Perpetual Life-Support for Dead and Extinct Animals Bill, preventing the use of lead ammunition for hunting in the supposed range-area in which an extinct species once lived – including areas where it might have once lived.
Attempts to broaden the species “historic range” even further and limit lead ammunition entirely are characteristic of the proponents of such a measure who rely on artificial life-support funding for their own existence, and no doubt will begin forthwith.
Actual scientific evidence that such an effort or that lead-ammunition has had any impact whatsoever on the extinct species has not been conclusively proven except by the ingenious, academically questionable efforts by the Center for Pseudo-Biologically Diverse Fundraising and Wilderness Self-Support Society, 99.9% of whom also believe in Nobel-AlGore’s BiblicalAnthropogenesis of Globular Warmening, 73% in UFO’s and Dennis Kucinich, and 83% in Homeopathy.
Oh great.

UPDATE: Thirdpower at Days of our Trailers finds out that,

Apparently there is a section in AB1471 that makes the law ineligible until there are no patent restrictions…ID Dynamics is currently claiming total rights over the technology so this might invalidate the law for decades.

HT Arms and the Law.

GlobaLawsuit Whoremining Brown-on-Brown HOT Legal XXX action

This from Injsty, a report in the San Diego Union-Tribune vindicating the Federal Court’s up-chuckign of the regurgitated nonsense-suite against automakers.

Last summer and fall, I had an in-person interview and two phone interviews with a brilliant Yale Law School graduate who thought little of the global warming lawsuit against six automakers pushed by then-California Attorney General Bill Lockyer.

Among the things he told me:

1) “One of the principles of tort law is that damages should not be speculative,” so Lockyer’s lawsuit failed that very simple test.

2) He wondered how Lockyer’s suit could assert “causation” between vehicle emissions and the size of California’s mountain snowpacks.

3) There was an urgent need to do something about global warming, but seeking national and international cooperation on the issue made a lot more sense than a lawsuit.

Yesterday, a federal judge vindicated the brilliant Yale-educated lawyer’s take on Lockyer’s lawsuit.

“The kicker, of course, is that the Yale-educated lawyer who ridiculed Lockyer’s lawsuit to me was Jerry Brown — who either lied to me back then or changed his mind later when he saw being an anti-global-warming crusader as his ticket back to the governor’s office in 2010. He embraced Lockyer’s lawsuit as his own even though he doubted its wisdom, because he believed it to be a political winner.”
Har-har-har. Politicians crapping in the Public trough.

Fry-Brains – Moron.Org Has Cooked Their Own Kool-Aid…

From The Atlantic’s very experienced military and strategy reporter Robert Kaplan, who has reported on assignment for the magazine from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and the United States, and is author of several books including Imperial Grunts (2005), and Balkan Ghosts: A Journey Through History, we learn things about Genenral Petreaus that GeorgeMoronSoros.Org doesn’t care to tell us.

The idea that General Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker are front men for the administration is ludicrous. Until he took the job as overall ground commander in Iraq, Petraeus was a favorite of liberal journalists: the Princeton man who enjoyed the company of the media and intellectuals, so much so that he was vaguely distrusted by other general officers who envied the good ink he received. (my emphasis) As for Crocker, he is a hard-core Arabist, a professional species that I once wrote a book about: He is the least likely creature on earth to buy into neoconservative ideas about the Middle East. Neither of these men are identified with the decision to go to war. If I had to bet, I’d say that Crocker especially would have been against it, like his other Arabist colleagues. Thus, these men have no personal stake in proving the president right. They and their staffs are much more likely to provide a balanced analysis of the reality in Iraq than senators and congressmen looking over their shoulders at opinion polls and future elections. As Petraeus said, “I wrote this testimony myself,” meaning, the White House had nothing to do with it. Watching them brief Congress Monday, I came away convinced that they made a better impression on the public than anyone else in the room.

The heinous lies and the NYT attack-ad put forward by the Leftwing lost-cause doomsayers, including Hillary The Beast Clinton with her nasty little “willing suspension of disbelief” lawyerese quip, is as ridiculously inane as the brain-fried Truthers who’s thick and viscous insanity is that 9/11 was an inside job and that steel and concrete buildings can’t burn.

Probably the two most interesting statements in Petraeus’s report will get little coverage. First, that the data analysis he used to brief Congress was found by two intelligence agencies to be the best available on the Iraq war, and that reenlistment rates of troops in Iraq are above average: 130 percent among younger enlistees and 115 percent among those in mid-career. Those statistics constitute telling evidence that the troops themselves continue to find great meaning in their work, suggesting that they certainly don’t believe the cause is lost.

This doesn’t fit with their only past experience, losing the Vietnam war. Betrayal is their chief weapon, and with their inverted psychology they project the same message as they purport to fear, one that is intimate with their own designs and actions. Their continued effort remains to lose this war – it’s all the strategy they have to go by – and that old experience continues to be their motivation. And only through defeat can their twisted psyches experience fulfillment, only through the repetition of failure can they find hope – and retain Power.

Say, Friend…Can You Spare a Vote?

Like pod-people in the Bodysnatchers, I’ve been sloowly assimilated by the Fredosphere – just waiting, wearing my tinfoil chapeau, for the next talking-points memo from Haliburton now… Fred08
George Will can kiss my ass, I read him in the 80’s and remained and unconvinced and still a weenie Democrat. A the height of Regan there was no big angelic conversion or revelation – he waxed way too-much about goddamn Steroidball, how’s that for Neuvo Diet-Rite.
Rudolphus Rex and Mittoumitsony are too damn ready and agreeable to compromise my rights with the “needs” of the anti-gunners – and with the Big-Machine-Politics by which my State is already run, naively expecting them to return the favor. Bah. Those are groups that over and over again do not indicate in any way that they are capable of anything more than take and tax, to support their own agenda. Compromise is something other people have to do with them.
Sign the Stand By The Mission Petition!
Meanwhile MoveGeorgeSorosOnward.Org, the scabrous and nasty old fecal-coated sponge that scratches George Soros’ flabby backside reveals the exact, true nature of their BigMachinePolitics – backstabbing and betrayal of the troops worthy of Brutus or Judas – blood on their hands for it. So if you havn’t done so already, go ahead and sign the Stand By The Mission Petition!
Ok, see ya later.

UP-F*NG-DATES: I messed around with the style=”float: left; padding: 8px; margin-right: 8px;” attributes of the pictures, to wrap the text – and I also changed the Victory Caucus blurb on the left to see if it was farging my linespacing.
Or something…


Watching Le Tube last night there was some muffled mention of a stock rally, with bell-ringing money-happiness on Wall Street and indecipherable econobabble. That euphoria was quickly followed by a cold TV Negativecaster splashing a dour pronouncement of, “Let’s not be too quick or happy, the down Housing Market will sink it all and we’ll drown in the arctic waters of overseas imports” – or some such doom-and-gloom crap. Is that all the idiot-box is good for anymore – The Big Downer delivered yet again by sour-faced Charlie Gibson? Bah.
This morning I was induced to follow another lead via the Incredible Monsterpundit Instapoodle to a second source:

2004 – $413 billion
2005 – $318 billion
2006 – $248 billion
2007 – $205 billion

There you go folks, like a hemorrhoid slathered with Preparation H, the deficit is shrinking. But would you know that from the flappy mouthpieces of Taxation? The New York Sun reports:

The New York Times’s Paul Krugman, in December, wrote that President Bush “plunged the budget deep into deficit by cutting taxes on dividends and capital gains even as he took the country into a disastrous war.”
Senator Clinton went to the Senate floor in February of this year to speak of the “fiscal recklessness” of the Bush administration, which she charged had contributed to “record deficits.”
In March, Senator Schumer, who is now the chairman of Congress’s Joint Economic Committee, spoke of “budget excesses of the past six years” that have brought us “a mounting debt to the rest of the world.”

Liars. No wonder the Democrats want to regain control and capture in taxes the “excessive” wealth currently being made. They know that what’s up economically will float their leaky boatfull of Socialist agenda and Pork on a sea of taxes – they want their healthcare disaster to drown us. Bah.