6-thousand mile service: tires.

One of the items on the list at 6-thou’ miles is, “IMGP0996_battleaxe rear_x1000Checking spoke tension.”  I sure HOPE to hell the three-spoke solid wheel is tensioned.  I’ve heard and seen pics of these with wire wheels and they’re gorgeous, also supposed to be better off-road where a bit of wheel flex is useful – better to bend than to break.  The oil is fresh already, but it’s time to get the young patient (in suspended animation) to the Bavarian Doktor (Diplomingenieur) for a checkup and teeth-cleaning…

The currently fitted Bridgestone Battlax BT-50 is a bit tired and has a fairly well used profile, out to the edge anyhow, and the front’s about the same – and if these tires are original equipment at 16-years going on they’re probably pretty dried-up and crusty…Ansd they have probably been superseeded by another variant – like maybe the BT-023?

It’s all mush now but ages and ages ago on the FZ600 I liked a combo of a tall Metzler on the 16-inch front, in order to try and get it to mimic a 17-inch front and help stabilize the overly quick (to me) turn-in aspect, with a complimentary Dunlop on the rear – sticky but not too wide to make it truck-like.  But this is a whole ‘nother animal,.

I haven’t been following the Tire Wars much in the past ten-odd years with my focus (or what remains of it) mainly off-road, but I recall my buddy Petey (who’s very-very picky) said he liked the wet-weather traction of the Bridgestone’s, but for WET he really liked the Avons best – and that’s what you would expect coming from a country (the UK) that was constantly bathed in wetness.  And I he was riding as Connie at the time – so a similar animal – and also red.  Hmmm… Can’t I just stick-on a pair of Pirelli MT21’s and get out in the dirt?

As I recall Metzler Marathon’s wore like iron but had similar grip, while the good and sticky stuff came from Dunlop and Pirelli…and Bridgestone was a relative newcomer to moto-rubber.