Counting Ballots

They already bought the votes, and paid good-money for ’em, so they weren’t NOT going to count them.  Besides, as a famous(ly corrupt) windbag-person once said, “What Difference Does it Make?”  Sleazebag pol and Anti-Gun attempted gun-runner Leland Yee Receives 10 Percent of the Vote in California…Only the winning Democrat (30.1 percent) and the more popular Republican candidate (29.6 percent) came in ahead.

I remember the 70’s, I was there…

TIME Cover hoaxerInteresting treasure-trove dug-up on the popularity of various early 70’s scare-tactics.  Anybody remember, “The Helstrom Chronicles” – or even Willard…? After all, the Polar Vortex was once a well-known cause of global cooling, now because of “global warming” it’s back in the Media spotlight.  ooga-Booga!!  Back in the mid-70’s there must not have been any (or not much) money (or even Science) in the Academic pursuit of Global Cooling, but the Media Elites got behind it anyhow, just as they always do.

Some interesting takeaways from the conversation and comments:

  • During the 1970s the media promoted global cooling alarmism with dire threats of a new ice age. Extreme weather events were hyped as signs of the coming apocalypse and man-made pollution was blamed as the cause.
  • nuclearcannoli says: March 1, 2013 at 10:25 am The ‘solutions’ always remain the same even though the scare has evolved to the complete opposite claim of what it once was. This is basically a give away that the motivations and goals of these people are political, not scientific. It’s called “…therefore, socialism.” It’s getting too hot, therefore, socialism. It’s getting too cold, therefore, socialism. There are too many people, therefore, socialism. There are too few people, therefore, socialism. Funny, how no matter what the problem is, the solution always seems to be to give a select group of people, with no discernible expertise in any particular subject, more and more of our money and freedom.
  • Here we have a small compilation of global warming and global cooling scares since 1895 reported by the media. These alarms run in cycles, just like the climate.  Fire and Ice Published 2010
The late Dr. Schneider’s demonstrative video seems to have been rabbit-holed and is no longer available, quel surprise?
  • Now here is his 1971 paper predicting another ice age. Description/Abstract Rasool, S.I., and S.H. Schneider, 1971:

Atmospheric carbon dioxide and aerosols: Effects of large increases on global climate.

Effects on the global temperature of large increases in carbon dioxide and aerosol densities in the atmosphere of Earth have been computed. It is found that, although the addition of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere does increase the surface temperature, the rate of temperature increase diminishes with increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. For aerosols, however, the net effect of increase in density is to reduce the surface temperature of Earth. Because of the exponential dependence of the backscattering, the rate of temperature decrease is augmented with increasing aerosol content. An increase by only a factor of 4 in global aerosol background concentration may be sufficient to reduce the surface temperature by as much as 3.5°K. If sustained over a period of several years, such a temperature decrease over the whole globe is believed to be sufficient to trigger an ice age. Climate Change

  • And years later Dr. James Hansen is predicting a runaway Venus style Earth. By the way they used a program written by Dr. James Hansen. Here it is in Hansen’s own words. “……What was that program? It was a ‘Mie scattering’ code I had written to calculate light scattering by spherical particles. Indeed, it was useful for Venus studies, as it helped determine the size and refractive index of the particles in the clouds that veil the surface of Venus. I was glad to let Rasool and Schneider use that program to calculate scattering by aerosols…..”

  • As Jack Maloney says: March 1, 2013 at 12:01 pm Dr. Reitze’s current CV from the University of Utah lists “climate change policy” as an “area of expertise,” and he has published numerous articles on climate change, greenhouse gases, carbon sequestration, etc. The climate alarms may change, hotter or colder, but the “experts” remain the same. 😦

Lotsa fun stuff for the slasher-movie crowd who also gave us the faux “snuff-film” scare and Satanists at childe-care centers.  When will they ever apologize?  Nothing to see just move-on… No small wonder how that group got its name.

Too Rich & Too Poor & Too Ugly

A Walter Russell Mead Blog post Via Meadia in The American Interest takes New York to task for Blue-model social policies that exact a high price to live in that hell-hole, but it might as well be written about San Francisco and the Bay Area.

The low and middle classes are being priced out of a life in New York City. Even as many residents spend fifty percent or more of their earnings on housing, the majority of the city’s “affordable homes” are still out of reach. House prices and rent have risen by more than forty percent since 2001, and landlords, betting on gentrification, are evicting existing tenants in favor of wealthier ones.

What he neglects to say or discuss is the intentionality of such real-estate leveraging, and how the poor who live adjacent to such vast wealth and who service the needs of the Über-Affluent, are often and mainly/precisely those who live in the shadows: the illegal aliens and their “handlers” – and how the Blue System as set-up effectively allows and essentially requires of them to “Game” the System in order to survive. They avoid the big financial institutions and it’s costs (and taxes) by living out of a cash economy working under the table. They most sensibly use all the available free-resources granted to them by Blue-Model policies and institutions in Education and Healthcare: free School Lunches and (a marginal) Education for their children, Hospital Emergency Rooms as HMO’s. And yet the Blue-Model’s Left adherents keep saying that theirs is the only workable way to achieve “Social Unity” (and other utopian-drivel vision) and that Cities are the wave of the Future… Yet just look at what they find inspirational; the politically corrupt, stinking shambling wrecks they expect people to inhabit like Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco and New York. This is not a vision any clear-sighted person would seek-out. These are not The Emerald City of Oz, nor a City on a Hill of out Founders. These are the trainwrecks of Casey-Jones’ Blue-Light Special Social Engineering, festering cesspools of decay and heaping piles of corruption. This is not the garden it is the mulch-pile where good intentions rot away and turn to methane. These are the boils and hives of some kind of disease – like the Picture of Dorian Gray…

The Ignorance and Idiocy of Hackerzz

Why on earth would our Peeps of the Gub friends at Hell in a Handbasket (see side-bar link) get hacked by a bunch of ignorant illiterate jerkoffs from Bangladesh – if in fact they are such. Why? I just don’t get it, the inability to distinguish mental capacity from intellectual acuity.

Sorry admin

Dont Hate me Hate your Site Secuirty its allow me for owned your site 😀

Hacked by Mr.BBBB

There’s really something wrong with these mental-midgets. It makes me sad to see retarded children play with chainsaws.
It’s like the anti-gun maroons who think you can simply, effectively, just ban something – it’s like banning murder: Chinese teen kills nine in knife attack. Make it more illegaler. Or make hammers illegal. It’s stupider than when the elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top, but goes to the basement instead – where they hide their head in the sand.

UPDATE: Things seem back to normal with James at Hell in a Handbasket.

New Black Panther Homey meets the Lordz of the Mexican Ku-Klux-Klan

In a situation worthy of a mash-up between segregationist George Wallace and George Orwell’s 1984 MiniTru we have Atty. General Eric Holder At National Council Of La Raza Convention Promises Aggressive Civil Rights Protection. Special exemptions for those who seek a Superior “Equality” of their own. And as such;

The U.S. Justice Department will aggressively protect the civil liberties, voting rights and safety of Latinos in the United States, Attorney General Eric Holder promised during a Saturday address at the National Council of La Raza Convention in Las Vegas.

Those of you not belonging to a Specially Protected Group can just move along now, nothing to see here, it’s not for you this whole “Equality” shenanigans-thing.
Meanwhile Holder has refused to turn over documents related to Fast and Furious, a botched and utterly reckless BATFE “investigation”/operation that was cleared at the highest levels and designed to manipulate public opinion, and was an attempt to track run (or walk) guns purchased in the United States through a couple known informants who had DEA protection, those rifles purposely funneled to violent drug cartels in Mexico without ANY notice to the Mexican Government – unlike an earlier Bush Administration operation had attempted, and been shut-down – for the same, huge risks involved.

One of these guns was later found at the scene of a shootout where an American law enforcement officer died shooting BEAN-BAGS at a heavily-armed Mexican drug-cartel members.

According to HuffPo, “The precise role Justice Department officials of Fast and Furious played in making the gun available remains unclear. Holder is the first sitting cabinet secretary in U.S. history to face a contempt charge.”

Rain be-Gone, Rain be-Cool

We keep being advised that there will be rain, soon, it’s coming – meanwhile it’s muggy enough under the high-70’s hot overcast to wear shorts, but not flip-flops too, and Hawaiian shirts (I don’t have any other kind except t-shirts) are good-to-go.
And my mind is still buzzing about the Defensive Pistol class: like if a bunch of stupid #OWS asshole-anarchists in black hoods showed up in The Neighborhood with Molotov cocktails, which one do you shoot first? Do you do the Col. Cooper thing and pepper them in the legs with .22LR rounds to make it hurt badly enough to disperse? Or do you do the Stand By Me thing, Ace: What are you gonna do? Shoot us all? Gordie: No, Ace. Just you…
I would hope that my hipster neighbors who are hipster-parents would act-up in prevention, after all maybe they can grok the fact that their little kid cannot actually be a hipster (there’s an age related component to hipsterism) if he or she dies in a house fire – they have to grow-up to become hipsters like Mom & Popster. It’s not like some singing Hipster Unitarian Gay Bishop with a guitar over her shoulder can do the Catholic-style water-sprinkling baptism of Hipsterousity, wherein the tykes are blessed with a Fixie bike, a goatee, and immediate soulful Irony. But I’m not sure about my neighbors, and the President is obviously hoping for a hot summer to grease his reelection plans, one way or another.

The Perfect is Enemy of the Good

Well enough of Godwins-Law on my own blog, it’s just that these creeps still get so much traction even decades later, and the well of Progressive-ism is still poisoned… Talk about one a bunch of bad-apples spoiling the whole Yoga-barrel.  Avoid perfection and Utopian thinking – renounce it entirely, because it really is the Road to HellBeware the un-obtainable, ‘perfect spiritual insight and tranquility,’ because there’s almost no better example and truth-in-advertising of the Zen saying, “If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him!” – especially if this nondescript little bespectacled guy is your Yoga-teacher.  Kill him before he kills you and hundreds-of-thousands of others. 
A German historian has come out with a book about how Heinrich Himmmler and the SS in Nazi Germany recommended Yoga to its members, including death camp guards, believing that the practice of would enrich their ‘mind, bodies and spirits’ – and also convinced it was a way to ‘internally arm’ people and prepare them for battles…
Apparently Yoga was big in Weimar Germany especially among the progressives and “forward thinking” types, and if you wanted to be an Übermensch this was one ticket to that elite social-status.  It also resonateed nicely with the famous moustachioed guy who was a vegetarian and animal-rights advocate.
Perfection is rubbish, a fig-leaf and a dullard’s fantasy – be a Human, dammit.  Humans are awesome and amazing – and if you STILL need to have sex with a Neanderthal there’s always Liberal Chicks at the #OWS camp…

Legislative Cold Contempt on Display

As some people have noticed, even the self-absorbed LA Times, some members of our California Stupidlslature think they should get themselves a hidden shoulder thing that goes up – for themselves but not for the rest of us. Au contraire.
As Danger Mouse pointed-out,

“City of Bell, Vernon, Cudahy and Maywood – bastions of political ethics and integrity. Who is their Assemblyman? Why, it’s John Perez, Speaker of the House!!!! Way to fly low and under the radar. Question to Mr.Perez: Has he had any contact or dealing any city official mentioned in his capacity? Would he mind opening his professional, campaign and personal finances up to public scrutiny.”

Perhaps the criminals in the Capitol don’t want the population to be able to defend themselves against their criminal enterprise?
These are the same people who can’t pass a budget, the same people who are in bed with and accept campaign funds from the same Unions, Industries and Developers they are supposed to “regulate.” These are the crooks and liars and scum of the Stupidslature.
They have already proven their financial incompetence and their political incompetence – should they demonstrate further incompetence in gun-handling? They already enjoy a level of on-call Police Protection that none of us get to have, and in the case of Citizens the Cops are indemnified against their own inaction but can be called-down when they mess-up a Politician’s security?

If these jerks are unable to trust the People with shall-issue concealed carry, why on earth should we trust them with a weapon – or even any financial instrument?

NOooo!! CA Gerrymander Proposition 27 – Lies, Fakery, and Falsity

From Ballot☆Pedia

At first I was enamored by the surface of this protest, to see the reflection of my own handsome face in the mirror-pond, wearing my old Youth Brigade beret and flowing hair – and feel the immense rippling power of my collective awesomeness.

Then the waters actually did ripple and with consciousness I saw my balding Earthworm Jim visage, the thin gray chest hair, and my delusion of grandiosity died.

If there was ever a DoubleTalk-DoubleSpeak award this might get it.
If the googly-eyed pinchy botox-faced Nancy Pelosi, the sad-clown Communist Barbara Lee, and psychotically deranged Lynn Woolsey gave money to it, it must be self-serving.

If scumbucket George Soros is for it, beyond simply being bad it is very likely to be evil.

The Incumbents and Political Master-Class want their power back and the will pay millions in their effort to return control to themselves. They want to eliminate the little people who are on the Commission and return it to the untrustworthy, lying fat-cats of Incumbistan.  For the greedy stupid Pasha’s to get their power back they preform Jihad on the electorate and Taqiyya. The lying.

Donor Amount
Haim Saban $2,000,000
AFSCME $1,250,000
Working 4 Working Americans $500,000
Democratic State Central Committee of California $250,000
Judy Chu TruPAC $125,000
Charles Calderon for State Assembly Committee $100,000
George Soros $100,000
Peter Angelos $100,000
Louise Gund $100,000
Edith Wasserman $100,000
Zenith Insurance $100,000

Note: “Working 4 Working Americans” is described by Capitol Weekly as “a Washington, D.C.-based, labor-backed group.”

17 Democratic congressmen either gave money directly to the campaign or whose campaign committees gave money:

Mike Honda, shame on you!
And it’s entirely partisan, no members of the Republican Party have made any move to support this bayotch, while members of the Democratic Party are bankrolling it either personally through their state senate or state assembly campaign committee, or through a ballot measure campaign committee set up with their name on it:

Politician Office held Party Amount
Charles Calderon State Assembly, District 58 Democrat $100,000
Mike Eng State Assembly, District 49 Democrat $100,000
Bob Blumenfield State Assembly, District 40 Democrat $85,000
John Perez State Assembly, District 46 Democrat $49,000
Alex Padilla State Senate, District 20 Democrat $34,000
Felipe Fuentes State Assembly, District 39 Democrat $30,000
Nancy Skinner State Assembly, District 14 Democrat $30,000
Karen Bass State Assembly, District 47 Democrat $20,000

Bastards! No to 27 – this stuff is the ugly sausage-factory of politics.

More Green Fascism

Enviroshitbags can’t resist their totalitarian impulses to kill people who disagree with them. Like Islamists they depend on terrorizing people to bend them to their small-minded, narrow-focus, death-oriented, zero-sum worldview.

H/T Rick – The creeps at something called 10:10 are mostly funded by some asinine Governmental boobs who steal taxes, but in addition have a couple real sponsors, namely O2, Sony and Kyocera, who ought to find that their commercial interests among living breathing and exhaling people are not furthered by funding murderous Eco-Nazi will-fulfillment propaganda: