How do you spell “tchotchkes” -?

In the Bavarian Alps, Switzerland, and the mountainous parts of Italy and Austria, all the little shops of trinkets and mementos have a sign in English saying, “A thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever.” … Yeh, it’s a shop loaded with tchotchkes and misty-eyed tourist crap. Hunters have them too.
Since being a newbie to Cable TV, watching hunting shows on the Pursuit channel has been an eye-opener. Or closer. Besides the obvious QVC shopping-shows and various frying-pan/make-up/weight-loss machinery/grilling-whatever salesmen, where else (but America) is a half-hour hunting   show nakedly dedicated to product placement. So I bought a spray-thing of “Dead down-wind.”
Apparently all our scented laundry items, soaps and deodorants, and various other scents produce an easy to identify vector for deer and other game. ! Unless you wear the super-duper electronic physical-zone erasing clothing with the electro-fibers that reduce your electronic footprint/signature, so that deer will walk right up to you, because they see and sense electronically, not through a optical cortex.
Shades of super-electro higher spark-plug ignitions of Hot Wire – and Monster Cable.
Anyhow, what else?
Hunting blinds. I know hunters share an intimacy that’s different, or is it similar to motorcyclists except you need to be quiet instead of loud? So is a hunting blind that kind of personal? Is it like a motorcycle helmet, “That’s Yours Not Mine?” Because I have a little EZ-Up canopy I could drape with camo and not share – would that work? Thinking aloud here…
The same dye-sublimated print $20 Mossy Oak shirt at “Resplendent-Splendid Outfitters” is only $7.99 at Wal-Mart – and after the season they go on-sale for pa hunted.$2.99 each… Trying to figure-out this hunting shit. None of the things on-scene today were there when my Grandpa went out in a big, lined, canvas duffel-coat.
I haven’t worn a pattern-shirt this loud (or this silky) since Junior High School in the 70’s.
UPDATE: Thank-you everyone for the generous comments and advice!! I am overwhelmed by the positivity!