Fall Colors: Mossy Oak Breakdown

The hunting thing isn’t shaping-up exactly as planned and we’re about a week out from closing the season. The guy I was supposed to connect-with just had a kid, and I’m sure besides very little sleep he’s got a lot of other things to do right now. Anyhow there’s always next year and I’ve got a ready-rifle. I rode the mighty KTM around yesterday after basically getting the garage back in order and that felt good, and discovered a hole I had forgotten about – and an acre-and-a-half of acorns.
So we got out there in the morning before the heat came up and raked-up half-buried sticks and clumps of stuff, found about ten more half-buried golf-balls.
The long lopers are worn down and just crushing branches and small limbs – I need to take a file to get the edge back. Also there’s still a half-a-hump to level-out, and a couple holes in the Prairie to fill-in.
The orange ground-color under the oaks is mainly acorns. And there’s a ton to put on the burn pile. Or maybe I’ll just let them lay there and see if the deer get ’em. Deer like acorns and there’s evidence of a few coming in and rubbing the small miniature pear tree out between the oaks. That is the fruit the pear produces is miniature, and as bad as the sticky plum-tree droppings.
Meanwhile the cows are out there and keeping company.
From the Paleo recipe book we prepped and marinated a small rack of lamb riblets for 24-hours. and then grilled-up a batch of the medallions – yum!!