Say, Friend…Can You Spare a Vote?

Like pod-people in the Bodysnatchers, I’ve been sloowly assimilated by the Fredosphere – just waiting, wearing my tinfoil chapeau, for the next talking-points memo from Haliburton now… Fred08
George Will can kiss my ass, I read him in the 80’s and remained and unconvinced and still a weenie Democrat. A the height of Regan there was no big angelic conversion or revelation – he waxed way too-much about goddamn Steroidball, how’s that for Neuvo Diet-Rite.
Rudolphus Rex and Mittoumitsony are too damn ready and agreeable to compromise my rights with the “needs” of the anti-gunners – and with the Big-Machine-Politics by which my State is already run, naively expecting them to return the favor. Bah. Those are groups that over and over again do not indicate in any way that they are capable of anything more than take and tax, to support their own agenda. Compromise is something other people have to do with them.
Sign the Stand By The Mission Petition!
Meanwhile MoveGeorgeSorosOnward.Org, the scabrous and nasty old fecal-coated sponge that scratches George Soros’ flabby backside reveals the exact, true nature of their BigMachinePolitics – backstabbing and betrayal of the troops worthy of Brutus or Judas – blood on their hands for it. So if you havn’t done so already, go ahead and sign the Stand By The Mission Petition!
Ok, see ya later.

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A Mighty Vote from Little Acorn Grows.

H/T The Superduperpunditilous, from JOHN FUND at the WSJ:

…on Thursday local prosecutors indicted seven workers for Acorn, a union-backed activist group that last year registered more than 540,000 low-income and minority voters nationwide and deployed more than 4,000 get-out-the-vote workers. The Acorn defendants stand accused of submitting phony forms in what Secretary of State Sam Reed says is the “worst case of voter-registration fraud in the history” of the state.
The list of “voters” registered in Washington state included former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, New York Times columnists Frank Rich and Tom Friedman, actress Katie Holmes and nonexistent people with nonsensical names such as Stormi Bays and Fruto Boy. The addresses used for the fake names were local homeless shelters. Given that the state doesn’t require the showing of any identification before voting, it is entirely possible people could have illegally voted using those names…. (my emphasis)

Huh — “entirely possible people could have??” Wouldn’t “HIGHLY Likely they did” – be a better and even more reasonable choice of words?

“Of the 1,805 names submitted by Acorn, only nine have been confirmed as valid, and another 34 are still being investigated. The rest–over 97%–were fake.”

Last year several Acorn employees told me that the Acorn scandals that have cropped up around the country are no accident.
“There’s no quality control on purpose, no checks and balances,” says Nate Toler, who was head of an Acorn campaign against Wal-Mart in California until late last year, when Acorn fired him for speaking to me.

Activism and fraud joined at the hip, driven by an agenda – this is in-your-face Socialism at work.

Goodbye Uncle Charlie’s Summer Camp

I’m not very keen on giving money to my alma mater, UC Santa Cruz, the hippie farm also known as Uncle Charlie’s Summer Camp.

Having worked in fundraising at a major West Coast private University I know how things work in the institutional-giving business. I worked the blueprints and identified “named giving opportunities” and helped to build a new children’s hospital – which I imagine was a lot easier than asking for more money for Lawyers. It was a pretty cool experience, but like Theater it opened my eyes to the realities without particularly inflaming my sensitivities – I liked building and painting scenery much more than I liked watching actors perform a play or opera. At the major West Coast private University I learned about databases and computers, and experienced the high standards of excellence that can occur in such a fine institution. However the major West-Coast private University ran into some not-so-fine financial difficulties due to its peculiar handling of their special relationship with the Government and its Funding – Indirect Cost Recover, so the major West Coast private University had to change some practices and modify some behaviors – and for the first time in much memory it laid-off a whole bunch of staff to enable that institutional transition, including me – so screw ’em.

After many annoying phone calls from students trying to fulfill their the first-tier Annual Giving quotas, I caved-in to Santa Cruz and gave to support the Fencing program. A program that I once enjoyed and that helped to release pent-up collegiate frustration and adrenalin is now a “club sport” instead of a regular part of Athletic classes. From the vacant expression of the link, it doesn’t seem to matter much to anybody, so I will match that carelessness with my own, no big deal, things change.

I’m not sure exactly what I got out of UCSC besides the minor Bachelors’ in Anthropology, evidently not lasting friendships or ongoing academic inquiry – there are few old-college chums with whom I have any contact, and none from my field of study. I really wound up with Anthropology by accident rather than planning, I had the credits and it seemed like the one thing I could do to point-the-spear and poke a hole in the fabric of Academe, and get out with a sheepskin. I was not particularly interested in the woolly ethnography of Trobriand Islanders, the pre-Columbian Maya, or the many other minor cliques of Humanity puddled around the globe – they were interesting but I was really more interested in how this culture does things and makes its effects felt – but I wasn’t interested in Society. I knew couldn’t cope in the narrow, numerical, taxonomy and classification systems of Sociology. My interest and ability to focus would soon flag if set on that trajectory of observing and quantifying the working-class, the lower-class, the poor and the other sub-sets of class-warfare as defined by that discipline. I needed a broader base from which to suspend my doubtful higher-education. I had a not-so-secret though, having just returned from a year overseas in another Culture entirely I had a priori identification, an asymmetric information-set that matched the Anthro puzzle-set. I knew what it was like to be The Other Culture – and that eventually propelled me to produce a multi-page document, a Thesis – the key that un-locked the Degree-box. Still, it took five years and a trip through another Universeity, to Vienna, before I managed to pound that out.

Things change and I’ve changed a lot since those days, my politics in particular, and I’m not eager to support their self-celebratory, institutionalized culture of Leftism. Twenty-five years ago I was like a fish breathing, saying, “What’s this thing you call Water?” I was well indoctrinated, and the mindset was so pervasive and permeated everything that I didn’t recognize any difference. How about THAT for Kulture? Having just received the latest Alumni magazine, I’m really quite sure that I’m no longer interested in anything that goes on in their self-contained, politically-correct little sub-universe. I just totally don’t care anymore.

Post Edited with respect for the deceased.