SHTF Content: RoE Civil Unrest

Reposted from comments: Civil Unrest by Violent Extremists.

What exactly are the Rules of Engagement for civilians during a breakdown in Civil Order when Teh Police are incapacitated or otherwise unable/unwilling to respond – especially when those who have actively precipitated and participated in causing that breakdown are threatening you on your doorstep?

Recent #OWSFail activity in Socialist-mismanaged municipalities (Oakland, CA) show a strong tendency for the Socialist-imprimatur Judicial-Class (in that jurisdiction) to be lenient on pampered, brainwashed, full-grown, mentally-stunted affluent “Activists” who wantonly and feloniously destroy hard-earned private property (for the fleeting, briefly-stimulated pleasure of an ideology), but have never had to earn any of it themselves and indeed are quite incompetent to do so.

1.) Are there really any “innocent” active-participants in rioting and thuggery?
2.) Is a simple camera or camera-phone really a sufficient *excuse* to participate in mass-activism and still sustain plausible deniability and avoiding a Second-Degree warrant?
3.) When such *participation* results in destruction, injury, or death is that not still a Felony, Assault in the Second Degree? Can that be plea-bargained down to Reckless endangerment in the second degree? Can I bend them over a waterboard and give them the THIRD degree?
4.) Do you submit to being deprived of your immediate and future life by stupid ass-clown thugs with metal teeth, or deprived of the rest of your life by incarceration, under a heartless .Gov?
5.) Does the guy asshole hiding his identity under the black hoodie get the first one? (Guess!)
6.) After you finish with them, do you submit the cleanup bill to their dumb-ass parents who failed them so miserably in Life?

Class Warfare Meme

Following Tam, I wandered over to Sonic Charmer at Rhymes With Cars & Girls to smarten-up and git me some edumacation. While there I chanced to drop a comment at Andrea’s Spleenville, where the meme-in-progress was being rendered with What color is your bubble?, who goes on a good tear and says:

Anyway, for your amusement, I’m going to answer RWCG-guy’s parodic takeoff on the test.

And I thought, “Hey, Likewise!” Somebody please score me because I went to California schools where they used us as New-Math guinea-pigs, and subsequently I can’t do the math.

But first my Certificata from Test-Ology Camp, and before I attempt to gather some cleverness together, first I have my say.:  UPDATE: bLAH-BLAH-bLAH

Moi?  Part of the New Upper Colostomy?  So, on to the fun part:

  1. Ivy league? Went to one (or Stanford): 2 points. 0 or Oops 2 – does three Quarters at Stanford count as anything?  I am too close to the local Megaversity. 
  2. # of Malcolm Gladwell books read? Who?  0
  3. Best TV show in history? 0 – Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea! Sheesh, or Rat Patrol! The Wire? 2 points. The Sopranos? 1 point.  Never watched a single episode of either of those shows, don’t have/never had cable.  Is CableTV a prerequisite for Teh NEW Upper Class or a precursor for Teh Damned Lower Class – is it a Uniter or a Divider?
  4. Complete the sentence: “The science is AMAZING!  VULCANOLOGY! Huh? Settled? 2 points. In: ? WTF? In ?? 1 point. 0 – I see what you’re trying to do there but it won’t work and you shouldn’t sneak in another UN Globular Whore-ming question.
  5. (a) People drive too much (b) I live in a big city where PARKING is teh SUXXOR and car-robbery is rampant: Both: 2 points. (a) only: 1 point. 0 (c) Ride a motorcycle and be even more Elitist and Superior! Where’s my freakin’ Flying Car they promised, you call this The Future?
  6. What’s there to do in K-Town? 0-k, K-whaa? Karaoke and Korean food: 2 points?? Korean food: 1 point?  Kolkatta on the Hoogly where the flying fishes play, and the sun comes up like thunder out of Burma ‘cross the Bay…
  7. Name a sport that’s on the decline. 0 Baseball is a sport?  Don’t they play Baseball-games? As Hemingway said, Auto racing, bull fighting, and mountain climbing are the only real sports, all the others are games...
  8. Zagat? Have it: 2 points. Know what it is: 1 point. 0 – Something to do with Android phones, or iPhones that all the rich (employed) assholes have?
  9. I helped recommend my college friend for a job he/she got/got a job from a college friend’s recommendation.Both: 2 points. One: 1 point.  0 – I didn’t get any help (or was in a position to offer any) from College friends for anything, jobs or nuthin – and don’t have much connection with the ones I went to School with – I guess it didn’t “stick”.
  10. Worse grades in college, Bush or Kerry? Bush: 2 points. I see what you’re doing there, but the premise of that question is flawed: 1 point. 0 – Kerry had ’em worse.
  11. What’s the matter with: Wassamatta-U  Kansas? 2 points. That’s a sentence fragment: 1 point. I heard it was a book or something by an Edu-snoot.
  12. Good reason for private elementary school for your kids? I believe class size/personalized attention is bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla anecdote about your own kid]: 2 points. I researched a lot of bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla and an X% effect with an R^2 of [bla bla]: 1 point.  0 – Private Schools are good and necessary to counter and avoid the propaganda and dumbing-down of education that occurs in Teachers-Union Government Skools, but really you should get off your ass and Home-School like I was, partly anyhow.
  13. Bush’s Brain: Yes I saw that documentary, what about it?: 2 points. Um, is dumb/damaged? (duh): 1 point. – 0 this question is a h8er.
  14. (a) Approve of Obamacare (b) haven’t read it/pretty much don’t know the details at all: Both: 2 points. (a) only: 1 point. 0 – No. NEVER, there’s no excuse for it.
  15. Sarah Palin would be a terrible President because she’s:Dumb and crazy: 2 points. Crazy: 1 point. 0 – She’s brilliant and all the rest is h8ter propaganda and some dork who thinks it’s not her child.
  16. Name two Nobel Prize winners. Nobel, Barack Obama and Paul Krugman: 2 points. Barack Obama and (someone else): 1 point. Paul who? The Peace Prize Terrrorist Killer Obama? Heisenberg! Eugene O’Neill! No Nobel Prizes awarded between 1940 and 1943, wonder why, think maybe #OCCUPYNORWAY might have somethign to do with it?
  17. After she graduates from grad school you’d be most pleased for your daughter to get a job at a: Nonprofit: 2 points. Hedge fund: 1 point. I don’t have any children. If I had them, I’d be pleased if they got a job anywhere that got them out of the house.
  18. (a) Believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming (b) know nothing about climate modeling and have never studied let alone engaged in anything of the sort: Both: 2 points. (a) only: 1 point. No, it’s a fraud on an international scale that’s rapidly coming apart.
  19. Podcast: This American Life: 2 points. Other NPR-related: 1 point. The Vicious Circle – only podcast I ever heard about – but I don’t listen to podcasts.
  20. Fill in the blank: GUNBOAT Diplomacy! Smart: 2 points. Cowboy (as in “Bush’s Cowboy diplomacy”): 1 point. 0
  21. Constitution and Obamacare: I don’t see how Obamacare can be unconstitutional: 2 points. I recognize the tension but I pretend not to and instead insist on arguing that Obamacare fits inside the Commerce Clause: 1 point. Didn’t we already have an Obamacare question?  It’s un-Constitutional and Illegal and WRONG.
  22. Alexander Payne movie: Max Payne? Sideways: ?Quel? 2 points. Citizen Ruth: ?1 point. Never heard of him, don’t go to movies – saw Sideways on DVD.
  23. (a) Cities are great because of all the cultural opportunities, like the symphony/museums/etc. (b) Don’t really go to the symphony/museums/etc.Both: 2 points. (a) only: 1 point. Cities are places with stuff all gathered into one place, and the Military calls it a TARGET.  Bombs away!
  24. A kind of tax we need more of: Pigouvian: 2 points. Value-added (or financial-transaction): 1 point. 0?? Pig-what?  LESS taxes of all kinds, taxes are STUPID.
  25. Who’s dumber, a PhD or an MBA? MBA: 2 points. PhD: 1 point. A PhD with an MBA.  PhD’s generally are blockheads who stop thinking and can’t be taught anything more once the sheepskin hits their hot and sweaty little fist.

OK, I’m done – put a fork in me…

Why We Don’t Have Flying Cars – Part#1

Part #1. The Education System. (H/T Midwest Chick at Non Original Rants).

Certainly much more is available on the utter and abject failures (some intentional, some structural, all insidious) of the Leviathan tentacle I call Behemoth Educratology, much of which can be found in the writings of Gun-Rendezvouser and friend Kevin Baker at The Smallest Minority, but MidwestChick delivers this superb gem.

Seriously, does the Obama team do any fact-checking?

This particular factoid from the SOTU is quite ironic. The Colorado school (grades 6-12) that Obama praised (School Hailed by Obama Succeeded by Firing Teachers, Bucking Union) as a model school is one who was granted an exemption from union rules in 2007. They had all teachers re-apply for their jobs and only six made the cut. The school’s first graduating class had a graduation rate of 97%. You’d think that his fact-checkers should know that this school goes in direct opposition to Obama’s connection with the teachers unions. So, at least one path on the step to student success is the punting of teachers unions. Interesting….

Thank-you MidwestChick!

Weasel Boy Marky-Marxisty

Look it up in Wikipedia and see a picture of a Weenie. Firedoglake – I should have known, havn’t been there in over five years, it’s a third-circle of Hell mental wasteland. The smoke and stench that comes off the burning lake drives people mad, and those who swim in it are intellectual skeletons. After reading a number of sources and comments about this vicious-tongued, violent-minded little creep – a hairy little mental-midget – one common thread of opinion emerges: “He must have got beat up a lot in school.”

I doubt it, because fights and violence teach a lesson whether you like it or not and produce at a minimum, interaction with concrete “facts” and physics – and evidently he has not learned much outside his little bubble worldview. I submit he has zero actual experience with violence apart from movies, video-games, and comic books – and based on his motor-mouth skills I’m guessing he’s been able to avoid it entirely. Violence might have taught him something, empathy at least for victims of Government – but I suspect even that is too much to ask his shriveled husk of a brain.

Kids like him, JournoListas, have been coddled their entire lives and grown-up in an affluent hot-house bubble. That’s what makes it so easy for them espouse the actual, violent views of unrestrained Marxist ideologues – they have no idea what threats of real violence and subjugation their political policies demand. Their contempt for Capitalism also shows they also have no idea how much sweat and actual labor it takes to work and save and buy a car, so that you can stop taking the bus (or bicycle) and get to work in a better job, in a better place, on time and advance your career – or what it’s like to have your stuff stolen by thieves. Kids like him live in a Lotus-land of pre-provided prestige and opportunity and get their “jobs” the old-fashioned way, through patronage. And they call them selves journalists.



What a day. H/T Alan But FIRST it was the thing with the kids that got me.
Despite and amid all the circus smoke, buckets of tinsel and confetti, and wacky mirrors of ginned-up “outrage” over AIG and the general confusion caused by money in amounts so huge it could go around the Moon twice, yesterday the US House of Representatives shamed itself in a huge way. They might as well have poured a bucket of liquid excrement upon themselves.

It pushed-through something called the “The Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act” – known as the GIVE Act, by a 321-105 margin, which now goes to the Senate. It seems there’s even a provision for Uniforms(SEC. 1508.) and of a PERMANENT CADRE.
Since when in a Republic (or a real Democracy) do we use the Euro-words “cadre”? It’s a kinda give-away to who’s/which Central Committee is planning this…

Obama Youth will be indoctrinated in the principle of “service learning,” which will be a “mandatory part of the youth curriculum in all of the secondary schools served by the local educational agency”. I think it sounded better in original German in the 1930’s when it was announced on the floor of the Reichstag – before they burnt it down.

Then there’s the whole redistribution of wealth thing that’s the main, big, Rocky and Bullwinkle Media slight-of-hand, nothing-up-my-sleeve – it’s all about chewing up the airwaves and demanding attention to prevent any bit of light from being shone behind the curtain. Like the above action. And the ilegal AND unconstitutional bill of attainder, which wouldn’t pass even the most cursory constitutional challenge; so it was re-written to be broader

Then Journalist/blogger Fetching Jen sends me an email of some further intentions by our non-taxpaying Socialist Apparatchik Overlords:


I just found out about a meeting coming up on April 2nd that is being held by Common Cause. It is being billed as a “Community Discussion about Local media” but buried in the memo is:

“The Federal Communications Commission has proposed the establishment of community advisory boards to local advise local broadcasters. How would the community benefit from this?

How would the stations benefit?

Should local print and Internet resources also have community advisory boards? Why?

The Obama administration is trying to create “advisory boards” that will control the content of all media: print, radio, television and internet (bloggers).

We must attend this meeting and stop this immediately.

The evening’s discussion will be recorded and a report submitted to local media and the Federal Communications Commission. Feedback may help establish federal policies impacting local media ownership, increased localism, the establishment of community advisory boards, radio and television licensing procedures, and more. Read the memo.

It reminds me of the time I visited a nasty little village and had to walk past an outhouse on the way to get there. The out-house was called Checkpoint Charlie and it was a rather ugly and dreary place. This is exactly how a portion of the STASI did their thing, through constant monitoring of Communication channels. Then they sent reports to their superiors.

I thought we got rid of this ugly, vile, filthy crap twenty years ago when the Berlin Wall came down – something I had prayed for ever since visiting the rotten, pustulant, open-wound that was East Berlin. It was a project that started on 6 June 1944 and was never quite finished.

But noooo, now we have a disproportionate bunch of greedy, unscrupulous, tax-evading, power-hungry Senators and Congressmen in office who have forgotten what it was all about.

Obama – Dreams From My Ghostwriter

H/T to GunRendezvouser American Citizen at Traction Control for the inspiration. As John McCain observed, “For A Guy Who Has Already Authored Two Memoirs He Is Not Exactly An Open Book.”
Also for a guy who’s got to demonstrate his executive experience to America, “he remains strangely silent about his eight years (1994-2002) as a director of the Joyce Foundation.” Is he a quiet guy just because of Ayers, or does that quietness include the shenanigans at the Joyce Foundation? Maybe he got a little help from another published author. What if Ayers wrote Obama’s books? That might very well explain his reticence at discussing his relationship.

In the great tradition of Democrat Politics the propaganda machine is revved-up and press-releases are pumped out, media-friendly fictions are created to enhance a candidate’s resume and position – so why is it so hard to find actual Obama scholarship and publishing? We all know now that JFK (with whom Obama likes to compare himself) didn’t himself write Profiles in Courage. He was a lousy writer but a great talker (like Obama without the teleprompter). Jackie helped but JFK’s ghost- and speech-writer was Ted “Ask-Not-What-Your-Country-Can-Do-For-You” Sorensen – and it even got him a Pulitzer Prize! That book helped established JFK’s intellectual credentials and helped make him a credible presidential candidate. It launched his political career on a Presidential trajectory – much as Obama’s two efforts are geared-towards.

Jack Cashill has written a book on intellectual fraud called Hoodwinked and says, “I developed an eye for literary humbug, and Dreams serves up an eyeful.”

Prior to 1990, when Barack Obama contracted to write Dreams From My Father, he had written very close to nothing.

As an undergraduate, Obama had written what he justifiably calls some “very bad poetry.” He published nothing under his own name in The Harvard Law Review, where he served as an editor and as president. And after leaving Harvard, he published nothing in its review or in any law journal.

Then, in 1995, this untested 33 year-old produced what Time Magazine has called–with a straight face– “the best-written memoir ever produced by an American politician.”

Obama’s memoir was published in June 1995. In January 1995, Ayers had chosen Obama, then a junior lawyer at a minor law firm, to chair the multi-million dollar Chicago Annenberg Challenge grants.

In the fall of that same year, 1995, Ayers and his wife, Weatherwoman Bernardine Dohrn, launched Obama’s ascent to political stardom with a fundraiser in their Chicago home.

In short, Ayers had the means, the motive, the time, the place and the literary ability to jumpstart Obama’s career. And, as Ayers had to know, a lovely memoir under Obama’s belt made for a much better resume than an unfulfilled contract over his head.

Go read more of the Cashill analysis.

The Left loves to have their own poetry and prose published – including even such well known Nobel Laureate-frauds as Rigoberto Menchu (faked autobiography), and scientific ignoramus Algore’s An Inconvenient Fiction (using among other things, computer-generated Antarctic ice shelves from the 2004 science fiction film “The Day After Tomorrow”).

Socialist Dictators from Tajikistan to North Korea use the State to fund their insane literary efforts that every citizen has to watch and listen, sung or danced or enacted on TV – and taught in school as a part of their education. Education remember, Ayers is an Edu-guy.

Even more-so than the Mainstream Media in general, the Publishing Industry is heavily and famously pro-Democrat, so much so that most conservative books receive a negative (if not merely unresponsive) reception at best and are often pushed aside to marginal, smaller publishing houses despite an enormously successful and proven post-publishing sales record. Yet the Big Publishing Houses still offer huge advances to kack-handed and futile Lefty writers who flounder and flail (Pelosi’s book) as they seek to advance the narrative – as they so often like to put it, “By any means necessary.”

Obama dissembles lethally when he describes Ayers as “just some guy in my neighborhood.” He is much more than that and quite possibly, as I have argued, the real author of Dreams From My Father.

The publisher of Dreams, the openly liberal Peter Osnos, tells how Obama dumped his devoted long time agent after Dreams took off and then signed a seven-figure deal with Crown, using only a by-the-hour attorney.

Obama pulled off the deal after his election but before being sworn in as Senator, this way to avoid the disclosure and reporting requirements applicable to members of Congress.

Isn’t that just Hopey and Changey…

We are Doomed – to Socialism and to Hell

No wonder I woke-up nauseous and with a headache – it’s must be my psychic-hotline calling-in.

When you see these guys doing this, these nasty Clowns – it’s time to raise the black flag…

Kevin’s favorite quote (6:20-7:08 in the video.):

Mr. Raines: $1.1 million bonus on a $526,000 salary. Jamie Gorelick: $779,000 bonus on a salary of $567,000. This is… What you state on page 11 is nothing less than staggering. “The 1998 earnings per share value turned out to be three dollars and twenty-three cents and nine mills ($3.239) – a result that Fannie Mae met the max, the EPS maximum payout goal right down to the penny.

“Fannie Mae understood the rules and simply chose not to follow them, if Fannie Mae had followed the, the practices, there wouldn’t have been a bonus that year.”

As Ace says,

I think the worst thing about this bailout plan is it makes it nearly impossible to argue for free market solutions to problems going forward. Regardless of how much of the $700 Billion is actually spent or recouped, it will be thrown in the faces of people who say, ‘let the markets work’.

UPDATE (from my friend The Conservative UAW Guy):

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

Looking in at the party of elites through the farmhouse window, the common animals can no longer tell which are the pigs and which are the human beings.
George Orwell – Animal Farm

Crazy Uncle

Some thoughts: Obama’s got a problem with Organized Religion, perhaps more than one – wouldn’t be the first time a person had their own private wrestling match with Faith. But in this instance he’s gone and denounced his spiritual adviser for the Coin of Politics. There’s a very judgmental term for that act, but the Media doesn’t like Judgments, they’re a Narrative Killer.

As much as I vehemently disagree with Wright I recognize that he’s just a mouthpiece for a set of typical and well cultivated sentiments of Liberalism: Teh Victimhoodz. Cutting Wright off at the knees with his “Old Uncle” slapdown is a cheap-shtick and Obama does the rest of us no service. He especially does no service to the many who have bought-into and ingrained Teh Core-Victim Path. Will he ride off that way or go to The Bridge To Change? Getting them victims up and throwing off those crutches, tearing away the bandages from their eyes — that would be Real Change, the “Change” he says WE are, and that Obama declares he seeks — yet he does not seem to know it.

The Rev. Wright’s rhetoric is hateful and venomous, but it’s just the standard “Me!” platform of Identity Politics, and if you listen much you can hear it anywhere in my neighborhood, in the most Progressively Leftist Churches, on many bumper-stickers, and chanted at rallies.

It’s a mistake to think that Christianity is simply A Thing of the Right, unless you’re a confirmed atheist, or agnostic, and totally oblivious and unaware of the Activist Christian Left and Liberation Theology. (Thanks, Harvey Cox!) The Media make very little mention of the Lefts’ Christian Soldiers (Cadre more like) because they are an In-The-Pocket assumption, and what little Religious Narrative trickles through is fairly dismissed. When Bill Clinton attends Church it’s glossed over as a trifle, it’s no different to The Narrative than, “Bill Clinton goes shopping and eats a Big Mac.” When “during prayers” a “Cleric” of some kind goes off on an “Evil Administration, American Hating Screed” (with which they fundamentally, in Narrative agree) it’s mostly contained. glossed-over, or ignored.
Whereas the Narrative, “Republicans Court Evangelicals” is a dark (and exciting) story of misogyny and sex and exploitation, of secret societies and the racist roots of the Christian Right — mainly because they cannot find a counterpart on the left quite as juicy, or as pre-fabricated — and what they do find they simply won’t discuss. Equivalency is a One-Way street.
“Evangelicalism” is a bright and burning, straw boogy-man, simply because for Republicans the Evangelical Vote is a group that matters in quantity and substance. A similar group on The Left, the Left-Liberal Christian Pro-Choice Gay-Marriage Vote matters just as much and is equally as much presumed as is the Black Vote. But it’s Religious and they try to avoid that Narrative unless they can distance themselves, or unless the Religious do it for them with a convenient, congregational, anti-Americanism. Now they kinda have-to acknowledge the embarrassing “Revrend Wright Stuff,” since the window was opened-up and they got caught peeking-in.

The a-Thiest Equivocating Media is/are so obviously uncomfortable, un-schooled, and unfamiliar with Religion beyond a really superficial caricature: Invisible Friend In The Sky Narrative – they even deny their own deeply fundamental worship of Socialism-The-Answer-to-Religion: Invisible Che in the Future Sky. So they fumble the ball terribly. But don’t talk about it or bring it up because they are uncomfortable with Religion and it’s not fair — unless they are busy making YOU uncomfortable about religion, which is fair game and all just grist for the mill…

IPSC Sock Puppets Profiteers

From .:DANEgerus we get a listing of the Global Hoaxing “hedge”-fund profiteers. Interstingly enough (or not surprisingly, or sadly enough) Governments that have signed-on to the IPCC Kyoto scam have opened the floodgates to various tidy Lefty investment strategies and profits to be reaped (or is that raped), from taxpayers who are left with no recourse and very likely future criminal penalties for individual noncompliance.
Don’t be too surprised, some of the richest people in the world are Communists and they didn’t get that way by the sweat of their OWN brow…

* Richard Tipper of the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management (ECCM), a consulting company deriving revenue from carbon-absorption forestry projects. According to Ecotopia, “ECCM works closely with Future Forests… Tipper helped form ECCM some months after being appointed to the LULUCF panel.”

* Mark Trexler, a founder of Trexler & Associates, a pioneering firm “poised to make millions of dollars by promoting and monitoring carbon sequestration and other ‘climate mitigation’ projects.”

* Pedro Moura-Costa, an executive of Ecosecurities Ltd., a consulting firm specializing in the “generation of Emission Reduction Credits” from carbon-offseting activities. Ecosecurities has offices in the US, the UK, Brazil, Australia and The Netherlands.

* Gareth Philips of SGS Forestry, a division of the Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS) of Geneva, the world’s largest inspection, auditing and testing company. SGS Forestry derives revenue from its carbon forestry projects. SGS certifies Costa Rica’s carbon offsets and “hopes to expand its work.”

* Sandra Brown of Winrock International, an Arkansas-based organization which accepts contracts from “public and private” sources. Winrock “provides forest carbon monitoring technical services to U.S. government agencies and a wide range of private sector and non-governmental organizations. “

* Peter Hill of Monsanto Corporation, which has a “large stake in genetically modified organisms, including, potentially, organisms modified to take up or store carbon more efficiently.”…

The World Rainforest Movement investigated these bizarre financial ties and concluded that the IPCC report “must now be shelved due to their clear conflict of interest and a new report instigated which will be free of the taint of intellectual corruption.”


In April 2007 an investigation by the Financial Times of the carbon offsets industry reported:

* Widespread instances of people and organizations buying worthless credits that do not yield any reductions in carbon emissions.

* Industrial companies profiting from doing very little – or from gaining carbon credits on the basis of efficiency gains from which they have already benefited substantially.

* Brokers providing services of questionable or no value.

* A shortage of verification, making it difficult for buyers to assess the true value of carbon credits.

* Companies and individuals being charged over the odds for the private purchase of European Union carbon permits that have plummeted in value because they do not result in emissions cuts.

Algore’s gettin’ rich, a bunch of UN-connected dudes are scamming for all they’re worth (as per-usual) and gettin’ rich, and the UN club-for-dictators announces even scarier booga-booga! NEWS, to drive more sheep into the shearing pen.

As Phil Valentine at the Tennessean notes:

..Global warming is the perfect template for Marxism because it’s the great equalizer. The wealthier a nation, the more CO2 it produces. To atone for its sins, it must pay carbon offsets. In other words, the producing nations pay the non-producing or under-producing nations in cash for the sin of emitting a harmless gas. It’s beautiful.

The global warming movement is a way to not just confiscate money and wealth from the producers, but because of their guilt, they gladly hand it over. If Karl Marx were still alive, he’d be beaming with pride.

Happy Reminders of Mordor

Guns and Guts reminds us that it was a scant eighteen years ago already, that,

On this day in 1989 the East German government announced that anyone that wanted to could leave the country. Thousands did so, and over a few weeks time they tore down the greatest symbol of the Soviet’s horrible oppression of millions.

It reminds me that there’s a generation who have grown up not mindful of the evil and horrors perpetrated behind that wall – and that a body of creepy, ugly, and mentally-deficient thugs remain who seek to dull and divert attention from that knowledge and gloss-over its impact.
I went through Checkpoint Charlie and spent a day walking around among the strangled sklaven population. I watched the East German Honor Guard goosstepping past their war memorial without a hint of irony in that action. I ate the lousy food in The People’s Cafeteria. At least the beer was ok.

Besides the Islamofascists, it is They who we still fight: the ex-Stalinists and “former” Sozialistfascists who hide behind the word “Democratic” – about as laughingly Democratic as GDR was — the “German Democratic Republic” with their misshapen steroidal manwoman athletes. I saw the man in the tower with the binoculars looking out at his targets, and the “natty” Russian tourists coming off a tour bus in their stylish East-bloc suits and dresses. Clothing that looked like it was cut from carpet and upholstery remnants or material suitable for floor-covering. Heavy tweed-weaves in colors of bitter cyanidal orange and radioactive chartreuse, flecked with the bile of chemical-purple. You might think 1977 was bad in America, but you aint seen nothing.

The place sucked massivly but for one thing, one bright and luminous essence – an element of beauty that the East Germans could hold but never touch or become.

click for larger picture
She was in a darkened room, in the Ägyptisches Museum and I had worshiped her since I was Ten years old and see her picture in an encyclopedia, and I had my very quiet and small camera with me…