Up and Down, Sun and Shadow

Over and under. Another week of wet and sunny weather mixed together, and today is a rain-day. My Neighbor-The-Hunter has an arborist over who is limbing some tall pines, not beetle-kill but possibly widowmakers.
Down in the Bay according to Big Sister Dad’s doing alright.
No mowing or yardwork today but Sunday-last, in the warm sunshine we got some tomatoes into the planter beds, a San Marzano in the Giant Cage, and some Sweet 100 cherries in a circular thing – and an Anaheim pepper – all set up with drips and water and timed to go when the rain lifts. Still under water restrictions up here, but the floodgates at Folsom are pouring as the fresh snow-melt comes down the mountain.
And my Fox Creek motorcycle jacket (off eBay, 42L) arrived and it fits! Heavy duty stuff. I just realized my Arai Signet/e lid is about as old as the Gentleman’s Express and maybe I should look into a new one. They simply wear out over time, from inside-out, and even though they may appear to be new the interior foam degrades and becomes compromised. Indeed checking the chinstrap on the D-ring side, it’s stamped “08/98” which would coincide with the Edelweiss High Alpine Adventure trip and the age of the R1100R itself. It’s a little dated in style, and lacks the dual forehead vents my wife’s Signet GT has and improved chin-ventilation. And my dirt-lid is of similar age and decrepitude.
Sheesh, it’s been a while! Maybe something red metallic to match the bike. Or Captain America style…
I need to get with the times!

And soon we hit the road

In anticipation of the upcoming Tahoe ride, here is the ride we did seventeen summers ago on the same bike as today (though the video is not of or by me). And don’t forget, 36-front and 42-rear when two-up on the Express!

And in memorium, we ride on.
(But imagine trying to fight your way up that, in the middle of winter…)

Quick Loop

Got the AGM gel-mat battery buttoned-down and into the Gentleman’s Express. The bike lit-up and so We decided to go for a quick loop before lunch. Let me check the Odo: 40-oddd miles?
Wearing cowboy boots and kevlar jeans, I strapped-on the Sig P245 into the Comp-Tac Minotaur with a left-side re-load, and lit up the old ’98. It was comfortable so the whole shoulder-holster issue may be moot.
Wearing my old sticker-festooned (RMD! We remember Peter Patton – RIP) Arai MXC-Pro dirtbike lid, equipped with a “Quick-Strap” (enables easy on-off goggle transitions), for maximum peripheral vision, I started out goggle-less — but vroom-vroom (or blatt-blatt) quickly transitioned to eye-care prone vision.
Rode up through Diamond Springs on Pleasant Valley Road, through a bit of work-zone by Mike’s Grill where you could smell the dirt and pines, and up past the cutoff to Somerset. A guy wearing just a t-shirt and shorts on a red ‘Wing passed me and I felt so over-dressed. Casual Friday I guess and I missed the memo.
The winding road was ridiculous, and so much more fun than in the truck. The air was cool between the trees while asphalt ground-pounders walkin’ around were in the 90’degrees already.
Still my cowboy boots worked better flicking gears than my MX boots or the “Dual Sport” clodhoppers I just bought in the Winter – and now needed to (consider) unloading onto some more needy rider…or keep for inclement Winter weather.
Just past the Pleasant Valley Grange where I’ve been taking my Hunter Education Classes, I turned left on Newtown Road (really, “New-Town”), and took a fond and wistful look to the right while passing by narrow Starkes Grade Road. It’s a windy-twisty-lumpy, one-lane sometimes-two, crowned road that goes up to Pollock – and I’ll get you soon – but with time in the balance, took a quick downhill right onto Snows Road and began the short drop down to Dogtown and climb-out up over Weber Creek to Camino.
“Weber Creek” used-to be Weaver Creek – from Old Man Weaver, and so was Weaverville – but somehow along the way accents and language (and most probably broken toothless miners) corrupted it to become “Weber.” On the way up past the creek there’s three gnarly, climbing, bumpy, off-camber-by-a-mile Alpine switchbacks – that rolled right under, sweet! Cruised down to Hangtown and went through the Hwy. 49 backside by-passes and got home in fine shape and happy. More please.
UPDATE: Edited for brevity