Where is the NYT headline: Ferguson Looted and Burned, Women and Children hit Hardest!   ??

I’m trying to have some sympathy for the on-going events of disaster in the small Midwestern town, but it’s all coming out on one end of the spectrum – the Anti-Media End. Of course black lives matter – all God’s children matter, but the relentless pressure by The Media to repeat a lie, and to castigate a whole pale skin-color group as entirely responsible without sharing any of the blame elsewhere is maddening, so much that the word “racism” has ceased to have any meaning whatsoever anymore.
Of course “Black Lives Matter” – so show me that with REAL Media-Outrage expressed over the countless numbers of young Black men almost casually killing other Black men from coast-to-coast – from DC, Detroit, Chicago, Oakland, and LA. Condemn Thuglife for once, instead of pandering to it.
Show me how much “Black Lives Matter” with real Media-Outrage covering the destruction of Black-owned businesses and property in the cities suffering from the Thug rioters and outside agitators’ actions.
Show me just how MUCH “Black Lives Matter” by giving Media-Coverage and whipped-up Outrage to the effects of Obama’s llegal-Alien Amnesty that will bring millions of low-skilled laborers into the country who will further displace Black job-opportunities that are already severely depressed due to Obama’s low-wage Crony-Capital Economy.
Let us see that “Black Lives Matter” when The Media is expressing Outrage for the lack of educational opportunities brought-about by Unionized Education. and the low-standards of teaching Black-kids in Democrat enclaves from from coast-to-coast: DC, Detroit, Chicago, Oakland, and Los Angeles, etc.
“Black Lives Matter” and will matter MORE when Selective Media Outrage is pointed at the root-causes of many Black Problems including the wholesale destruction of Middle Class black family-life, and the dependency and fatherless-ness brought about by Democrat’s “Great Society” welfare programs of the 60’s – well evident from coast-to-coast in cities across America.
Show HOW MUCH “Black Lives Matter” when Media Outrage is directed towards the Academic-Left and discredited Communist brain-dead agitators who mainly seek to benefit from the wanton destruction of these cities, and black lives themselves. Condemn them before condemning me for the accidental color of my skin.