Paris the Endarkenment: the utter failure of Multiculturalism.

Oh great, now there’s gonna be another run on ammo and magazines. Obama’s not the only great gun-salesman around, the Islamist do a pretty good job too. [*whistling* ~loading magazines~] And the dipstick-lickers in the Media keep saying nonsense about peaceful Muslims. Yeh, sure some are, and some are also just acting-up proxyies for them.
They’re here and they want to kill people, like recently in Merced. There’s no longer any deniability factor.
The Paris auditorium/Concert-venue was NOT a “Hostage Situation” – no demands were made or “trades” asked or offered. The attack was a pure and simple mass-murder: a free-fire killing-field. They went about their bloody “Holy Work” of conversion, killing people. Shooting them one-by-one with bullets, and by twos-and-threes with grenades after a signature self-explosion kicked off the Carnival of Death Bloodbath. And no quarter or demands were made (or given) at the other FIVE hit-points in Paris.
Nobody was yelling “John 3:16!” – they were yelling “God Is Great!” – but not in English – nor is it the same God they are calling to or talking about. It is the pre-Arab god of the Moon, from the moon-worshipers of the sand-lands. What kind of Religion advocates killing, rape, slavery, lying? Islam does.
Perhaps it’s a knee-jerk reflex, but after seeing people getting hit a couple times, thank God it’s still a reflex to be prepared. I’m just not gonna go out like that. Oh wait, I’m losing track, that was five. Five more…done. Start another one. Damn these puny little California-legal 10-round magazines! There’s a Jihad-oriented self-defense lawsuit just waiting to be written over that numbskull restriction imposed by the Stupidslature – not by any vote of the People. Ok, and another one… Twelve all told. Need s’more, and probably some kind of rig-thing with lotsa little pockets. Maybe a over-the-shoulder pocketed’ bandoleer? Maybe just a big sack.
All these little 5.56 rounds make you appreciate a couple bandoleers of .30-06 for the M1 Garand. That big dog can hunt.
UPDATE: I bet the gun-range is gonna be really busy tomorrow.