Floppy Holsters?

Given the recent caution about floppy holsters, perhaps more specifically slide-holsters, these two thumb-strap models are still that which I have most recently acquired for carrying-around the house: one Galco “Fletch” for the 1911A1 – a similar holster is coming for the 4-inch S&W K-frame. It’s basic, retention-strap stuff…:

With the thumb-strap in place the 1911A1 can be carried in either Condition 1, 2, or in Condition 3.
And I picked-up a Gould & Goodrich three-slot for the P220.

The P220 in the G&G doesn’t seem like much of a concealment gun or holster at this point, but that really may just be an issue/evidence of how marvelously thin by comparison the 1911A1 really is. 
The P220 with a rail is still seeking a holster – the railed forward serrations hang-up on the G&G and resist drawing. Also it has a rail and therefore needs a light. Supposedly.
Several bloggers have recommended Comp-Tac and pdb posted about one that allowed him to tuck-in his Glock with a light. Talk about filling your pants!
I have pretty much abandoned the dual-purpose Galco Pancake holster I used at GBR-IV, it’s just not as secure as the belt-held ones.:

Maybe I’ll find a way to convert it to use as a hard-mount on my roost-protector. There are screw-type things on the back that allow the paddle to be removed and re-screwed in a fixed location.

Around the house I notice how cold the guns are, and how much I am not used to them. I have been “practicing” with a godawful cold Leatherman tool. I don’t usually wear much body-stuff, I quit wearing a wrist-watch several years ago and don’t adorn my belt with cellphone and keys and that kinda crap – hell I don’t even usually wear a belt if I can help it. I’m not as enamored with the whole Batman Utility belt thing as I once was, but I better get used-to it…