Vaquero .44-40

So…the Pineapple Express brought the freight (UPDATE: 4.88 inches in Hangtown over the weekend), and then roared off over the Sierras to the Mid-West and the East to visit the other Coast with snow and ice and anchorman devastation.
We had some chores to do, and cleaned-up a bit amid clear skies dotted with fluffy white clouds and towering cumulo-nimbus skyscapes.
The backside redbud tree needed a whack and we had “design assistance” from our neighbor’s gardener who needed a spot of work. (We fired the leaf-blowers guys because they didn’t do squat and charged a lot.) Now we chopped and raised some blisters and filled two large green yard-waste bins full of tree-trimmings. Good exercise for the shoulders and upper arms, making mincemeat of the branches in order to fill the bins without a lot of voids – but makes the bins very heavy on the hillside like a runaway freight-train.

And then I drove up to retrieve the El Pistola Vaquero from the clutches of DROS. It’s a fairly ordinary but nice example of the craft circa 1996-97, and has a good trace of case-coloring, and an even blue-black appearance. It’s heavy. I like it.
And on the way home I stopped-off and bought tickets to the upcoming Friends of NRA Banquet. Gotta win me some gunstuff!