Harvest moon

The sun just came up over the treeline, and with all the smoke in the air it’s a bright orange globe that could be mistaken for a harvest moon. Pumpkin colored. Smells smokey in the garage and there’s a thick overcast of haze. Our prayers go out to the people who lost everything in a flash, whole neighborhoods. And it’s cold today.

It’s Big (another one)

Smoke from the Butte Fire down in Mokelumne Hill is blanketing the (my) area, including Ebbetts Pass, which had been virtually smoke free this morning, is now covered with smoke… The fire shown is only a mile from the homes on the high ridge above the Mokelumne River Drainage, and the road closure on Hwy 26 is being moved down closer to the Cal Fire station on Hwy 26 toward Railroad Flat… Air tankers are dumping retardant again and again all along the roadway.
That’s about thirty-two miles from here, to the ridge they’re talking about, and from Mokelumne Hill to Ebbetts Pass is 75 miles.

They aren’t sure what they are going to do to stop it at this time. The Butte Fire command is short units.
The Butte Fire was being managed by the Amador County Cal Fire District. It jumped the Calaveras River and started a bee-line for Mokelumne Hill, where it is now. Homes have already gone up in flames at Montgomery Road and Candy Circle. Additional resources have been requested from other areas to try and stop this fire.
Open gate to save cows
September 10, 2015 at 4 PM: A man who is being evacuated on Hwy 26 in the Moke Hill area has left his gate open, per CHP, so his cows won’t burn.
If you drive through that area, please be extra cautious so you don’t hit any animals that may be loose.


UPDATE: After a night’s sleep as the sun rose the main cloud was gone. Maybe that is related to the rising sun’s direction and rays lighting up the sky, we’ll see later today. The news from the Sierra Sentinel news-service is mixed:

Warning: If you live in Mountain Ranch area of Butte Fire….
UPDATE at 4:35 AM: Per PG&E, all power lines are now de-energized east of Calaveritas Road…
UPDATE September 11, 2015 at 5 AM: A road block has been set up on Mountain Ranch Road. The Butte Fire is now very near the roadway. Crews are trying to keep it from crossing Mountain Ranch Road…
UPDATE September 11, 2015 at 6 AM: For now, Cal Fire seems to be holding the Butte fire at Mountain Ranch Road.
They are battling constant reports of spot fires in the area, especially on Michel Road. Morning briefings are now being held.

Or not so good:

Butte Fire doubles again
September 11, 2015 at 7:30 AM: The Butte Fire has been remapped and is now listed as 32,000 acres.

The fire is only 10% contained and continues to grow without sufficient assistance. More evacuations are taking place in Mountain Ranch and the Sheep Ranch area.

Mokelumne Fire