Sleep Sitting Up

As the title mentions – but it’s not that easy. You’re body wants to “submarine” and slide down the supporting arrangement of pillows. Ow. At some point that eludes the necessary lumbar support and you can awake as a pretzel. Double-ow. Also the head is a weighty watermelon that lolls back and forth and has a will of its own – and the neck seems like an insubstantial arrangement to hold it all up. Neck-ow can result.
I thought I had this licked by sleeping on a vertically aligned pillow, from butt to shoulders, so that my shoulders hung off the sides and let my chest-wall relax, open. Well it got too hot and there was the convulsive shivering again. At about 3:00AM when it was time for more Ibuprofen, I just got up and dicked around on the internet. The throughput was much better than during daytime with this stupid Dish-Net craptastic ISP we have. Afterwards (about forty minutes) I returned and put the sofa-cushion back to work in the dark and arrayed the rest of the pillows so I could recline (and fall asleep) without too much shuddering pain.
It all reminds me of the time of my wife’s broken collar bone. Back in the 80’s before we were married we took Friday-off in advance of a long-weekend, and headed up to the mountains for a camping trip. We didn’t get too far up the Peninsula before a 16-wheel tractor-trailer suddenly changed-lane into us, and we were spun-off the Freeway and her Chevette rolled. Definitely an E-Ticket ride, watching the windshield pop out upside-down and terar-awau, and then a sandstorm of roadside crud come billowing in on the vacuum.
The car was totaled but she “only” had a broken left collar bone where she was thrown against the door pillar – and severe lacerations. She couldn’t sleep laying-down lest the collar-bone shift – which caused a lot of pain, but if she sat-up in bed she could sleep and the bone didn’t attempt to escape through her skin. So I had to tie her up in bed with an arrangement of belts, in the shack where we lived that was once the abode of Jerry Garcia. There were a lot of distinctly weird objet d’art laying grown-over in the yard there. I think she destroyed the photographic evidence of that episode.


Check it off the list. We went down the hill to meet the Doc. My numbers are running good: BMI, BHP, FIT, etc., and the aches and pains are normal – and the chest-wall pain-thing, well it just happens when you over-exert. I need to wear a hat in the sun (like I always do anyhow) since my natural “foliage” long ago departed my scalp. The weird head noogies and such are not cancer, stop picking at ’em, it’s gross.
He spent his AF career in medicine at Travis and never was called up to anything. I mentioned my dad had a HS buddy who in WWII went up there and was promised to fly planes and become a pilot. Instead he swept the runway for three years. He did finally get to fly but was shot-down and vanished in the Pacific.
Doc’s also a dirt-rider, so good. Grew up in the Southland riding in the Dez, then moved to SJ area where his dad worked in the Defense Industry, then AF. He suggested that there were some technical trail “sections” at Prairie City, but when we were there last Wednesday I didn’t see where or how… Anyhow I need to find a burnt-out old super-senior geezer of C-level skill like myself to ride around Georgetown and Foresthill. When it starts raining and the concreted dirt softens up a little, it’s spectacular.
After I went across the hallway and got an update in my arm of TDAP (Tetanus-Diptheria-And-Pertussis), we went downstairs to get our new RXs dialed-in for a fresh set of specs.

At home the Midway order arrived with Ka-Bar pistol bayonet! It’s made by LaserLyte so should have a laser in it, IMHO – but nobody is gonna try and grab that out of your hands or rack the slide out of battery on you.
LaserLyte Bayonet