Ride the High Country

It was a gorgeous Spring day in the mid-low 70’s with yellow daffodils everywhere – and I needed to run some errands — so I put on my boots, got my dirt-lid, fired up the Boulevard Bomber and rolled out the door.
I had stepped-on and absolutely pasted a sprinkler diverter-thing out in the tanbark while topping the pear tree with the Stihl moto-saw, so I road out the door, up through the narrow country road flanked by blooming daffodils and old rusted barns, and down over the rushing creek — but Home Depot was crowded and too busy, and lacked decent bike parking. Meh – so I rolled-on through and just kept going – out and down the leafy country-twisty part of Forni Road, down to True-Value on Missouri Flat with the cute girls who run the register.
It was a two-three mile bit of dappled-sunlight and green-shadows with lichen on the oaks that is so much a part of living in Flyover that appeals so much to me. Another way of life, far from people glued to handhelds and drugged-out on audio-video stimuli.
I had forgotten how much the moto-endorphin stream lasted and was beneficial. Makes me want to fire-up the mighty KTM and tear-up the pasture. Reportedly they’re workign on a fuel-injected, road-going two-stroke that will meet emissions and have insane power – awesome!! Let’s ride!


Got the mower out in the tall grassland, around 8:00AM after a breakfast of bacon and eggs. I’m not sure what “Country-Neighborly Protocol” dictates but I kinda think that to start mowing at 6:30 might be the beginning of a new name, “Hey Asshole!” Maybe 7:00AM is “safe”??
So I motored around for a good hour-and-a-half, stopping under trees to pick up dropped branches that might do harm, hitting buried unknowns that went bang, and I still have a lot to do but it’s already 80-degrees and gettin’ hotter today.
After the half-assed mow I quit at 9:30 because the engine began stuttering from fuel starvation and so I ran it up into the side driveway and parked.
Gas from the 5-gal gas can with the stupid CA-CARB mandated gimmick nozzle for eco-safety. Saturn’s moon Titan has more gas than Earth and with no evidence of “fossils” I believe that then notion of “fossil-fuel” is a huge bit of Ecotard distraction and head-fake.
After re-gassing I applied the water attachment to the wash-out port and cleaned out all the caught-up clippings and jammed-up mow-bunch stuff, then flaked the garden hose like my father taught me (and I think he learned in the Navy), in a figure-eight.
Looking around the garage I loosened the jam-nuts of the Mighty KTM from the jack-stand and heaved her off. Tipped some old pre-mix into the tank and laid her over on her side to fill the float-bowl. With the difficult to engage (and dis-engage) choke button pushed-up, after a few kicks she started!
So I ran a few laps of the yard in my cowboy hat and boots. Good enough. Oh man that dirt feels so good! I need to get some more pre-mix going in that baby and do some Dunlop weed-whacking. Oh man – my yard, my bike, my-oh-my…

Drizzly Day Thoughts

Not all is gloom-and-doom, the small spate of wetness somehow brought full rain-barrels! The damp also brings to mind perfect riding conditions locally, of loamy soil and a tall rooster-tail of dirt flung high on a dark trail through piney woods – and crashing my brains out. Good times! Fun! Looking at the District-36 page of activities and events I see a Family Enduro advertised. Don’t be fooled, they have classes for everyone including the biggest sandbaggers of ’em all, feisty old former national racers who sign-up as A-Level Super Seniors. Since my last best ride was as a C-Senior – back when I started, I’d now be in the C-Super-Senior class. Since I haven’t even ridden in several years, I’d be a super fool. Oh well, lets play with guns instead!