Frozen Tundra

Cold and gray with high-clouds filtering the wan sunlight – it’s not that bad, but the frost has been on everything the last weeks and the High Country has snow and I’ve been looking for a better winter work-jacket/coat. Carhartt is popular around here for that. And some fleece lined pants, check!


Adios 501’s, No Mas Levis

Ten+ years back I quit wearing button-fly 501’s that I grew-up with because every time I worked outside or in the garage they raised an unpleasant stink on my legs that was not just me.
My wife noticed it too, and it didn’t wash-out, so I suspected the classic late 90’s brand-strategy of off-shore cost-cutting by Levi’s with cheap Chinese or Pakistani or…something fabric.
Also the Levis HQ in SF is notoriously busy with social-engineering causes and climate hooey, and some former friends who worked there were the worst sort of Virtue-Signalers you could possibly imagine. Pure elitist BayAryans.
Now there is another reason to quit the old haberdasher, as noted by Calvin at Voices Inside My Head, a silly self-aggrandizing posture of the Loud Levis Pharisees: Levi’s: No Firearms in Our Stores. Thanks.
So for years I wore cargo-khakis instead, until getting up into Flyover Country where Wranglers are prevalent. Also Wranglers come in only a few varieties and fabrics instead of a dizzying array of Urban stylings: Slim, Regular, Full – and a couple different colors. It’s so much easier to grab a pair.