AR Build

The ten-day paperwork is ticking on the lower from Richard that I “won” at the Rendezvous, so I bought a Bullet Button and a CMMG LPK – and a MOE handle in FDE. Moe of the Stooges. Flat Dark Earth looks nothing whatsoever like “flat dark earth” because it has no loamy bottom-land Super-Soil type richness. It looks more like a crusty broken dirt-clod in the California summer among the hot dry hills – everything is a bleached dirt color, and I resemble that. The Noveske build is OD Green, and the Match Rifle is just CMP-Black, so this is the other end of the color spectrum besides pink.
And then what? Seems like for Uppers the “key-mod” – AKA “my build-it-yourself shelving system from Costco”- is the latest rage. Also I think a lighter rifle than the 3/4-Ton F-250 Noveske Pickup-truck is appropriate for family-fun.
I still want a free-floating handguard for accuracy, and maybe some ~bling~ like TiN or Nickel Boron in the interior where lubricity matters. I don’t see a need to load up the stock with a lot of batteries and other things. I’m thinking “running around” gun, and maybe as this State collapses into anarchy, “run-fast and hide-somewhere gun.”
Anyhow it’s beginning.
I already have a trigger and I don’t feel like going all Giesselelly, and with the dried-mud colored handle, I’m getting a dirt-colored ambi-selector from some bad-ass tactical Ninja-named company that I can’t even remember the actual name of, but it uses the word/letters “BAD” in it so it must be bad or buiutxchin’ … And I am leaning, familiarity-wise, towards the CTR stock (in FDE). Maybe I could get the single-stage Rock-River trigger dipped in some wicked-slick boron-nitride witches-brew so the pull-weight is a scary .002 ounces!?
Yeh that would be great for home defense…and a Slide-Fire stock with the same super-slick treatment so that it jumps right out of your hands. Then the tactical gloves would rally help – finally!
It’s like selling your street-bike and putting Armor-All on the seat to impress the new rider/buyer, “Whoa Dude, it’s FAAAAST!!
Anyhow I have not kept-up with the latest booger-slinging stuff on the web-boards, so I dunno. Dirt-color is all. Ashes to dirt…