I’m really beginning to think these “Doctors Without Borders” guys are a bunch of glory-seeking “look-at-me-I’m-a Hero” narcissistic nimrods.  Doctors Without Borders physician tested for Ebola in NYC.  Sure they go in there with holy intentions – or at least holier-than-thou – and then the problems start. 16 Members of Doctors Without Borders Infected with Ebola, Nine Dead.

Five of the 58 medical professionals involved in the Science Magazine study died of Ebola before the paper was published. Nine Doctors Without Borders physicians, all equipped with the best of isolation and prophylactic gear, have died of Ebola. Of the physicians and nurses who have died of Ebola in this epidemic, most (more than 60%) had what was considered more than adequate protective gear and were instructed in its use.

Now who is going to clean-up after this self-sanctified nitwit?  “Officials described Dr. Craig Spencer riding the subway, taking a cab and bowling since returning to New York from Guinea a week ago as Mayor Stupidio said. “New Yorkers who have not been exposed are not at all at risk.”  WHAT??  Is that even a sensible sentence-fragment, given that Patient at New York City hospital tests positive for Ebola.   Nice work, if you can get it? Now the subway travelin’ Bowl-A-Rama Doctor’s Girlfriend is now quarantined.

Officials and Petty Tyrants proclaim blithe nonsense like: “The goal right now is to make sure people don’t panic.”  Hey, look over-here Mr. Idiot, how about making the goal something meaningful like. “Don’t Spread Ebola” -?  They say, “the disease is spread only by direct contact with bodily fluids such as saliva, blood, vomit and feces.”  I’m not sure since using Public Transportation is not any part of my routine, but I recall a BayAryan TV “Dirty Jobs Report”that highlighted just such “activity” and exposure during the average commute on a BART car.  People are messy, and in public places especially.  Meanwhile:

“Today we’re expecting a specialized crew [to] come in full protective gear and will clean and sterilize Dr. Spencer’s apartment for signs of bodily fluid,” said City Council member, Mark Levine, adding that officials would “confiscate material that might have come into contact with his body such as sheets and pillow cases and bath towels and tooth brushes.”

What about when those crews refuse to come, because their work is spread too thin and the much vaunted “infrastructure” fails them due to lack of supplies and equipment?  For New Yorkers will this finally break the logjam over incredibly expensive high-rise rent-controlled slums?  When the Ebola comes in, the Equity runs out…