Tractorland Funhouse

IMGP2238_x800Got it jacked up and undid a bunch of clevis-type pin things, retaining arms and a cable or two – and un-wound the belt.




IMGP2244_x800Secured by two big heavy rubber wheel-chocks and pointing uphill (slightly).




The underneath looked pretty clean since I had washed it out and swept away a bunch of debris.IMGP2247_x800






But the deck was a gunk-hole and I had to scrape away a lot of hardened green-crud.IMGP2239_x800




One of the pulley’s was a bit bent and we straightened it out. The blades were as round as a rubber hose and nicked all over.

I wandered up to my neighbor’s house (who was working on his deck with a helper) and he came down to have a look. We un-bolted the baldes and he took them in hand and applied them to his grinding wheel to sharpen them up.
With his helper (Tom, who was a close friend of the previous owner here) we pounded on it a bit and got it all straightened out and re-assembled, and now the blades turn and don’t drop-off the belt, or visa-versa.

Some assembly required: Dirtopia

Got this package off the Brown Truck of Happiness: the bed-extender/ramp. It’s heavy and there are many pieces. I should have used a drill with a 4mm hex but I didn’t want to strip the nuts, I can always strip them by hand!
It took a while and about a whole tube of blue loctite, but in the end it’s as strong as my Little Giant ladder and about as heavy.IMGP0005x640