High Fire Danger, No Fireworks

(Based on my comment at my Gunbologger compadre Say Uncle’s post regarding 4th of July fireworks and the nannys among us): We now live in a very dry, very high-fire danger area so our house insurance is up a tad. Ka-ching$ !
One fire is already (still) burning next to a reservoir, and then another started across the lake. Last week late at night some dumbass drunk lady down in the flatlands flicked a butt out a window and five trailers went up in smoke in a matter of minutes, burnt to the ground and five families who were poor to begin with – so poor they didn’t even have big-screen TVs and A/C – now have even less zip-nada-squat. Just about every morning we awake to news that somedude started a dumpster-fire (sometimes two!) in the lousy part of Sacramento (or Stockton, or…) so there’s a fire-bug out there getting his jollies.
On the 4th itself a 40-acre fire (probably started by a homeless camper) nearly burnt-down the State Fair Grounds. Twelve other wildfires fires are still going around the state with most of them contained except two. If this were an ordinary-sized (East-Coast) state you would have news-anchors going on breathlessly about how there are fires from Florida to Vermont – The Whole Est Coast Is On Fire!! – except it’s not. You guys back-East and in the Midwest get all kinds of Summertime damp and moisture and even hurricanes, and that’s its own problem. Flooding. We don’t get any of that – not until December.
Today’s a lot better but all last week from our vantage point in the hills we could see a line of thick yellow air down in the valley and smell the smoke up here in the hills. Seems like everybody owns guns up here – this IS The West after all, the Mother Lode where cowboys still herd cattle – but nobody acts like the 4th of July is an Arab Wedding party with guns ablaze and shootin’ into the air. We have our own township fireworks over a lake on the Saturday-night before whatever the 4th is, because most serious capitalists here work even on the 4th – especially if it’s a weekday and can’t or won’t afford to take a day off.
You guys living in the Damp-Humid Zone where woodsy stuff doesn’t immediately go up in flames like you threw gasoline on it should be grateful I guess with all the Police laxity over fireworks – but it’s no fireworks out here in Dry-Diggin’s where the under-story ladder fuels are bone-dry and abundant on the ground. You often see signs posted on an old oak tree saying “Defensible Space” – but this is not an indication of crazy Gadsden flag waving Anti Gubb’mint NRA gun-nuts – we have plenty of those actually, every Tuesday at the American Legion post is a Tea Party Meeting night – but the “Defensible Space” signs are some guy with a wood-chipper looking for work clearing the too-abundant fire-hazards. We have done a lot of yardwork already clearing out those fuels immediately around us, and we’re lucky to be bounded by another street that acts as a fire-break. Last year while moving I guess we missed the fun; a fire broke out in the Nature Preserve above us and the street was soon full of fire trucks and prison-labor cutting back brush. Three plane-loads of fire-retardant were dropped. This year a couple of our neighbors are moving prized family heirlooms to safe-storage elsewhere, furniture that belonged to great-great grandma and the like needs to be in a safer environment… I guess I didn’t know that, but I really like it here.