Monday night at 5:00PM in the relentless heat we had a dinner BBQ meeting of the RSO’s up at the Trap House – the only A/C on the club grounds.
But we were not inside where it was cool. We were all outside sheltering from the sweltering under EZ-Up canopies, while the old guys cooked up tri-tip and chili. Phew! So things moving forward on that front, then tonight another get-together.
The Club Treasurer Bob and I were talking on Friday when I was “in training,” and he mentioned his local chapter meeting of The Sons – and I blurted out, “My Grandma was in the DAR,” and with that I was recruited as a fresh inductee. So dinner tonight at Denny’s (every fourth Tuesday of the month) and I met the “registrar” who took my genealogy info and Grandma’s name to look up in records – and another one of the distant descendents of Brigadier General William Lee Davidson. He was killed in action with Cornwallis’ forces and a bunch of Germans, at the Battle of Cowan’s Ford in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina on February 1, 1781 – will hit the lists. So now I got me some SAR stuff going on. We’ll see if I go full re-enactor or not – but not in this weather for sure, it’s too damn hot!
Now I gotta get me a musket. Y’know the Peace-Hippies and anti-gun Leftards are always saying the 2nd Amendment only applies to muskets, but I bet they still wouldn’t want to go up against me and fifty of my best friends armed with muskets. Muskets come with bayonets too.