Shiny Stuff Accurate Measurements

I’m prepping for a match this weekend and full-length re-sizing twice-shot cases. To check them I have a Stony Point Cartridge Headspace Gauge. This works with or without the bullets seated, since the .30-06 case headspaces on the shoulder that’s what needs to be measured. The shoulders line right up at the same mark each time, with shot cases running short. Re-sizing to full length gets the shoulder back up where it belongs, but then the case is measuring out to 2.502+/- when it should be 2.494 so I have to trim the brass a smidge.

I’m going to use the load that worked so well for me before, the 150-grain spirepoints (center), with 46 grains of H4895.
The Square Green Thing: I got bored smearing on the Imperial Re-Sizing Wax and simultaneously was about to throw out the old case-lube pad when I noticed it was damp with soaked-in lube. In the past I had dinged up every case-neck I tried with an overdose of spray-on lube, but I thought maybe now my finesse had improved so I decided to give it another go.
It’s working better than before, possibly due to the dies now being burnished and broken-in they’re less dry and grabby, and also I’m just rolling the cases back and forth a couple time across the pad surface, instead of deluging them in spray-lube. Laziness of finesse, or whatever.

The Cook, The Dies, His Brass, and the Powder

There’s really only one recipe for the Carbine when shot from the Carbine, with the spice choices limited to salt or pepper: a 110-grain round-nose or a 110-grain FMJ. No vanilla or saffron here, no exotic bouillabaisse coctktail.
A friend from the Club with too much stuff and too many interests to pursue sold me his Carbine dies, powder, brass, and bullets. Now I have a 3-die bullet set to learn, and with it taper-crimping – this is new territory, change is good. Ok, fine whatever.
In my Sierra manual H110 powder is shown over other powder choices as both the accuracy load and the hunting load – but I’m only interested in the accuracy part. I have about half a pound but the requirements are small, tiny even – 13.8 grains.

More on this later as development proceeds. There’s a Match tomorrow and the weather looks fine – hot, dry, and brown already but that’s they way it is here.