One-Minute Opera, No-Shit Stories

(To the tune of Tim McGraw’s “Indian Outlaw”)

A raggedy man-woman shuffling approaches the mic, lights dim, music starts:

It was back in the 70’s
Way out in the desert, see –
When a bright light came over me,
I had an alien autopsy.

They turned on the tractor-beam,
They took me up in the ship,
It was such a trip,
I remem-ber everything.

They used the mind-control,
I told them everything I know.
They gave me the anal probe,
And I forget the rest.

Now here I am in Vegas,
Begging change from strangers,
Because these memories
Won’t leave me alone.

Cuz way back in the 70’s,
Out in the desert, see –
‘Had a light come over me,
I had an alien autopsy…

lights dim, spot fades.

Copyright © 2015 Cheesey-Jalapeno Tamale Productions

Just in case you need an ear-worm here’s the 1994 droopy-moustachioed version – he’s since updated his look quite a bit but for some reason is Pro-Obama?   This song alone should scuttle his political ambitions. Weird cat, son of baseball famer Tug McGraw…

Vintage Tunes

Michael Miller Mid-Century Modern Atomic Turquoise Fabric

I was thinking (yes, a dangerous venture on my part but inevitable) that the horn tweeters in the Forté speakers are an unstoppable force, no amount of fabric tacked over them will mute the tones that emerge. And similarly the bass is a wave-form that begins in the cone but forms its true height outside the envelope of the enclosure, somewhere hopefully in the room where listening takes place. Otherwise it’s like standing by the speaker-stack at a concert and just feeling the lumpy-thumpy notes of “Boris the Spider” pass through your abdominal cavity and shake your gizzard. What special “speaker-cloth” is needed for such extremes? And in case it matters anyhow, the backside of the cabinet has the passive radiator that allows it to breathe, so breathing is not an issue. But I am not an audiophile, and there are perhaps many places where this theory could be wrong.IMGP2112_xMidCentury
I was just thinking (there’s that dangerous word again) of covering the speaker grilles with some impossibly fab hipster mid-century atomic fabric.
Hmmm. Pre-visualizing is good, it could be a bit bright and frightening. Where’s my black-velvet painting…