Happy Gunstuff – New Store!

A new-to-me shop opened recently on the corner of El Camino and Mary in the old, gray (now flat-black) Economy Imports building. Formerly a place to get hot-rod parts for foreign cars, now you can get hot-rod parts for Americana and foreign guns. Behind the counter Eric Fisher holds down the fort with help from Josh and Mike.
Eric formerly ran Reed’s Gun Range during the transition period from National and was responsible for bringing the awesome Louis Awerbuck to train people here locally, thanks Eric!! Since the on-going Reed’s re-confabulation spins out, he has moved to a new business and will soon have new training opportunities – (hopefully Louis among them) and this is it.

U.S. Firearms Company is a full-service gun shop that offers its customers the highest quality defensive equipment available. U.S. Firearms offers defensive shooting classes with well known respected instructors who specialize in the art of defensive shooting and tactics. U.S. Firearms has a unique hunting program that not only gives you a time and place to hunt, but can walk you through the entire process from picking a firearm and getting outfitted for the hunt to step by step hands on instruction in the field.

To understand the level of ignorance and bias that exists around here, we offer a quote from the local Fishwrap and Parakeet Liner that illuminates the mind of a Left-wing “educator”who was opposed to the shop opening at its present location.

“I realize that we can educate kids about these kinds of stores and different types of weapons, but being an educator, I’m not sure I want to educate my second-graders about that,” said XName-RedactedX, a Sunnyvale resident and teacher…

U.S. Firearms Co. has a good selection of reading material, and while I was there I took the opportunity to pick-up a copy of Louis’ book Why There’s No Such Thing as an “Advanced” Gunfight and another by Col. Cooper Principles of Personal Defense.
Compared to some hunting-only gun-shops that are hereabouts (hey Imberts!) the folks at U.S.F.C. had some OMG black equipment with picatinny rails and such, and a quantity-selection of M1 Garands. Woot!
In one display case they had a monster Surefire light that I had heard about but never seen, one that’s used in the current conflict mounted on .50BMG machine guns – the Hellfire. Eric held it up for a picture. Damn it’s a big sucker! What kind of super-ACOG goes with that??

So glad to see a new shop in the area!

Alan Gura at Santa Clara University

Alan is a cool guy and he signed my Heller Kitty t-shirt and I’ll never wash it again. He also stayed at the same place we did on Kauai, the Kiahuna Plantation – and he went to Stevenson’s Library at the Hayatt – which is named for the great-grand-uncle of a guy I used to work for. I’m name-dropping like crazy aren’t I? I wonder if he surfs too?

We asked him if he wanted to come to the Gunblogger’s Rendezvous IV in September, and suggested he might be a guest of honor. Maybe we can get some frequent-flyer miles together and make it happen? He also signed RNS David’s copy of the Heller Decision, and The Packing Rat, Derek’s. They came over to my place and parked because parking at Santa Clara U. is Teh Suck.
We took the train down and walked across the street right to the building where Alan was scheduled to talk, where we met him in the hallway and I asked for his autograph.
He’s a Libertarian Civil Rights attorney who sees grave damage done to the 2nd Amendment and also to the 14th – as a Constitutionalist the 14th has been hosed badly and practically read-out – it also needs revisiting and restoration.
And her believes we can beat the other bans – the “scary guns” bans, the “cheap guns” bans, the ban-by-list, and other onerous and illegitimate ordinances – with Heller we won something significant.

UPDATE: I want to extend grateful thanks to the sponsors who brought Alan to speak, Santa Clara University Law’s Federalist Society and the Libretarian Civil Society Institute of Santa Clara University.

Anti-Gun Obama Lies

Being able to own a gun doesn’t matter much if you have nowhere to buy them and nowhere to shoot them.

Obama has a very strong history of endorsing both Nowhere outcomes – total bans.
Some Obama-prone stoner-voters suggest that all they are concerned about is what he says he is going to do in the FUTURE – not at all about his past positions. That dear friends is the Kool-Aid talking, because that kind of belief in the lowliest scum of American Political Life – The Politician – can only come about through a scary and toxic level of delusion and denial.
The ONLY thing you can ever believe about a politician is what they have done in the past, and with whom they have spent time doing that. Ayers, Rezko, Wright, ACORN – keep it coming because it matters more than a hazy-bright Unicorn-filled rhetorical rainbow-Future. He lies about one thing, so what else might he be lying about?

Pro-Guns and the 2nd Amendment? He served on the board of the Joyce Foundation, the largest private funder of anti-gun research in the country where he endorsed a systematic campaign to undermine the 2nd Amendment with phony, paid-for, “scholarship” in legal journals in an effort to tip the balance of written material – the academic equivalent of stuffing the Ballot Box, the ACORN of Legalistical Academe. While a board member of the Joyce Foundation, Barack Obama wrote checks for tens of millions of dollars to extremist gun control organizations such as the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence and the Violence Policy Center.

“Sportsman For Obama”?? Sorry all you cammo-clad weekend woodsmen, hunting don’t mean a thing. Oh ya-sure you spends a lotta money!! So? Da Comrad! You could also go hunting in The Soviet Union if you had the right connections.

Take history for example (and read) Richard Pearson who knew him well.

I lobbied Barack Obama extensively while he was an Illinois State Senator. As a result of that experience, I know Obama’s attitudes toward guns and gun owners better than anyone. The truth be told, in all my years in the Capitol I have never met a legislator who harbors more contempt for the law-abiding firearm owner than does Barack Obama…
While a state senator, Obama voted for a bill that would ban nearly every hunting rifle, shotgun and target rifle owned by Illinois citizens. That same bill would authorize the state police to raid homes of gun owners to forcibly confiscate banned guns.
Obama supported a bill that would shut down law-abiding firearm manufacturers including Springfield Armory, Armalite, Rock River Arms and Les Baer. Obama also voted for a bill that would prohibit law-abiding citizens from purchasing more than one gun per month….
At the same time, Obama has proven himself to be a friend to the hardened criminal. While a state senator, Obama voted 4 times against legislation that would allow a homeowner to use a firearm in defense of home and family.(emphasis)

Guns and Ammo Legislation

I was really reluctant to support Mitt or Rudy since their 2nd Amendment credentials were flimsy and transparent at best, I wanted what I heard from Fred.

I live in perpetual Electoral Dysfunction, in the Gerrymandered Hell that is California – a One-Party State complete with Potemkin Republicans who steal my taxes like the best Democrats and use them to buy votes – only they cannot win, they just get to play in the kiddie-pool.

I have not been able to vote FOR a candidate in a very long time – nor has my vote meant anything in many election cycles. My only hope is voting AGAINST the Evil I see across the Aisle, whether it’s a popular instrument of the thoroughly corrupt Illinois Party-Machine, or the loathsome she-creature that crawls on her belly sucking life from the Tree of Liberty.

I’m stuck voting for McCain – don’t let your moral vanity and personal self-esteem blind you to the needs of the rest of the Citizenry or YOU will be living the memory of Freedom that I do now, as you become Californized and assimilated.

I’m a one-issue voter, voting for one thing, the one tool that Citizens still have that can make a difference in free-speech, finance, or immigration reform. It’s the single tool that backstops and guarantees Free-speech in the Bill of Rights – and about which 1st Amendments advocates so often feel embarrassed and are reluctant to support…Shame on them – it’s a Right, not an Option to be fiddled-away.

Look around you there are forces coalescing. If you haven’t noticed lately there’s been a recent prohibitionary surge in many Democrat controlled States. They have introduced the absurdly laughable fiction of “microstamping” as Legislation, and lead-ammo bans to protect one extinction-teetering species or another — no doubt following the lead of our muscle-headed Rhinocrat Ecoweenie Governator Shwarrzennkennedy – such a huge disappointment, we are so over him.

The legislation is a real trend and make no mistake it’s not about helping the Police – it adds to their already substantial administrative burden. It’s also not about how inexpensive and viable the technology is either, or even “how many lives it will save” – if it was any of those beneficent things it would be free like 9-1-1 is free (thanks Rob!)- it’s about imposing burdensome regulations in a concerted effort to drive manufacturers out of business. When they are gone your freedom is too.

"I Govenator" – Herman Munsternegger

Apparently while I was away in a Free State exercising my 2nd Amendment rights, the Californoodilia Disney-Governator revealed that his originally deep-implanted Euro-wetware bioprogramming favors the Rise of the Machines over the Rights of People.
For some reason, despite all the widespread evidence and obvious burdensomeness of the addition of an infantile pseudo-technology on Polizei efforts, he hopes that by signing the Magical Mechanical Microstamping Fantasy Act   The Only Ones will be given a new tool in solving violent Hollywood-style CSI crimes in under 40-minutes, as seen on TV.

In a backhanded way his signing of this ridiculous legislation validates the Constitution’s Article 2, Section 1, that sets forth a requirement for serving as president that of being a “natural-born citizen.” Some people want to amend the Constitution to allow a Euro-programmed steroidal Cyborg to become President – evidently they welcome our new robot overlords.

In other news Cyborg-Governor Herman Munsternegger also signed the Mechanical Magical Perpetual Life-Support for Dead and Extinct Animals Bill, preventing the use of lead ammunition for hunting in the supposed range-area in which an extinct species once lived – including areas where it might have once lived.
Attempts to broaden the species “historic range” even further and limit lead ammunition entirely are characteristic of the proponents of such a measure who rely on artificial life-support funding for their own existence, and no doubt will begin forthwith.
Actual scientific evidence that such an effort or that lead-ammunition has had any impact whatsoever on the extinct species has not been conclusively proven except by the ingenious, academically questionable efforts by the Center for Pseudo-Biologically Diverse Fundraising and Wilderness Self-Support Society, 99.9% of whom also believe in Nobel-AlGore’s BiblicalAnthropogenesis of Globular Warmening, 73% in UFO’s and Dennis Kucinich, and 83% in Homeopathy.
Oh great.

UPDATE: Thirdpower at Days of our Trailers finds out that,

Apparently there is a section in AB1471 that makes the law ineligible until there are no patent restrictions…ID Dynamics is currently claiming total rights over the technology so this might invalidate the law for decades.

HT Arms and the Law.

Gunblogger Rendezvous

Mr. Completely orchestrated a fine gathering of gunnies. Man that Eotech of Say Uncle’s is outstanding, and the outrageously high level of smarts as JimmyB commented, was mighty humbling. Fodder is ahead of me in what I need to be doing next – gun cleanup, I got a mess of GSR to remove from steel.

My drive up to Reno was uneventful, on a beautiful, clear, autumn day in the Sierras.

Arriving at the Casino I spotted a couple of gun-cases, and at the Reception Desk I met U.S. Citizen from Traction Control (who had brung a .50 BMG to shoot, and the ne plus ultra super-articulate blogger Snowflakes in Hell’s Sebastian.
It was just a real treat for me to meet all these great folks and their wives (those who came).

I brought along my usual collection of antique crap, the 30-40 Krag and the M1 Carbine in a rifle case, and the handcannons separately.
At the Range we were greeted with a brilliant day and the Mountains of the Moon (seemed like it anyhow) as a backdrop and shooting gallery. Amazingly there was a gong out there, up on the hill at 953-yards. It was up on a trail next to an old 55-gallon steel drum below a boulder towards the top of the mountain.
It was almost impossible to see with the naked eye until several “looks” were taken. Even then it was hard to find.
(click to embiggen)
With Joe’s (another mind-bogglingly smart-guy blogger) insanely accurate .300 WinMag guys were reaching out and giving it a loving tap.

But out in the desert some stuff is just plain hard to see.
We shot and shot and shot s’more, and many more GunPorn pics are here.
Kevin revealed that my ’43 1911A1 wasn’t broken and actually shot well, and how to properly hold it in order to discover the same. He also enjoyed my old 1909 Colt in double-action mode. I tried to keep up, but there was a lot going on all around me and the targets rapidly accumulated a lot of holes until they were unrecognizable. I missed out shooting the .300WinMag, the .50BMG, and the Thompson. The 6.8SPC was way-kewl.

I had the Krag out and many said that the 1900-manufactured piece was the oldest rifle they had shot. Yay! My antiques are good for something at least.

That evening we had out banquet-dinner and heard Guest Speaker, a MilBlogger who was blown-up by an IED in Iraq, tank commander “T.C. Override” of From My Position. This year’s fundraising effort was (and will be in the future) for Soldier’s Angels and Project Valour-IT that provides voice-controlled software and laptop computers to wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines recovering from hand and arm injuries or amputations at major military medical centers. Chuck’s story was incredibly moving, frightening, painful, and redemptive. The value of this project is immeasurable. I strongly urge everyone to consider a donation of any kind and at any level to this group – it is fantastically and absolutely worthwhile.
Chuck was also at the range and in our meeting room each day, and is just a lot of fun to be around. To see him before you with his spirit and attitude intact is really inspirational – and he’s also a damn lucky guy in the rest of things! Read his blog and realize what he’s been through and continues to have to deal with. Make a donation to Project Valour-IT.

Sunday morning after breakfast I couldn’t stand the casino environment any longer, said good-byes and loaded up the truck. I drove away at 10:25AM and got home at 1:56PM. That’s 253.0 miles in three hours and thirty-some minutes with no stopping for gas! It’s supposed to be like a four+ hour drive but I had the pedal down. Woot, I love the dual-tanks on my F-150 that puts my range at 500+ miles (I didn’t stop for gas on the way up, either). 🙂

And I want an Eotech…


  • We were privileged to have Brownells as an event sponsor supplying such swag as gun-oil, hats and t-shirts, and lanyards – besides even more importantly being represented by longtime Brownells good-guy, Larry Weeks.
  • Charlie Brown, head of MKS Supply and Hi-Point Firearms, very generously donated a Hi-Point pistol to be raffled off. The winner was JimmyB’s lovely wife Terri, who donated the gun to Chuck.
  • Ko-Tonics of Mebane, NC supplied the Rendezvousters with an incredibly sexy 6.8SPC upper for us to wear-off the “new” (hand-carried by Say Uncle), and with which I had a very satisfying experience hitting the 300, 400, and 500-yard gongs – something I’d never done before. Wow! Silver State Armory shipped 400-rounds of 6.8SPC to launch down the tube and prove its worth, which indeed it did besides delighting everyone who squeezed the trigger on it.
  • My round-trip odometer usage was 512 miles and the 3.9-liter straight-six burned 29.94 gallons of Global (Sierra anyhow) Warming carbon-fuel for an average of 17.10 MPG, with the return trip downhill-speed average was 72.28MPH – carbon and friction!

DC Majority Opinion says: Individual Liberty not Collectivist Bolshevism

From the Instapoodle we are served notice of Howard Bashman’s coverage at How Appealing, that the majority opinion of a,   “Divided three-judge D.C. Circuit panel holds that the District of Columbia’s gun control laws violate individuals’ Second Amendment rights” and that,   “[T]he phrase ‘the right of the people,’ when read intratextually and in light of Supreme Court precedent, leads us to conclude that the right in question is individual.”

…The Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms. That right existed prior to the formation of the new government under the Constitution and was premised on the private use of arms for activities such as hunting and self-defense, the latter being understood as resistance to either private lawlessness or the depredations of a tyrannical government (or a threat from abroad).

End of story, it’s not a collectivist circle-jerk narrative about the Government allowing itself to arm itself – you’d have to be a Leftwing idiot familiar in circular logic to cogitate that sort of self-supporting nonsense.
Read more at the above links. It’s bitchin’ kewl.
As a bonus step-and-turn in the Happy-Dance, Chris gives us further elucidation in the comments at SayUncle with this:

… just as the First Amendment free speech clause covers modern communication devices unknown to the founding generation, e.g., radio and television, and the Fourth Amendment protects telephonic conversation from a “search,” the Second Amendment protects the possession of the modern-day equivalents of the colonial pistol.

UPDATE: Chris has a kewl aquarium and guns, I’m gonna add him to my blogroll.

Mitt Romnic meet Ruduvan Giulizumbo – the People’s Politburo of Conserbo-Toatia

Xavier alerts us to the truth about Romney.
“I support an assault weapon ban and that’s why I signed a bill of that nature…”

This puts him on my PAWB list: Pandering Assault Weapon Banners.
As far as I can tell Romney isn’t any more a conservative than Rudy Giulizumbo. Both are slick, Big-City/East Coast elitists who only look conservative from the hazy bongwater perspective of the even more Leftoid East Coast Big City population of Anarcho-Socialists and Green Welfare-staters.
Mitt and Rudy are both ready to shred the 2nd Amendment if it gets them a crossover vote.
See, I learned something from the Zumbotrocity. I learned who’s who.

UPDATE: “It would depend on what it looks like” – HELLO-HELLO?!? That’s precisely what’s freaking WRONG with EVERY aspect of it and of your judgment – it’s an entirely looks-based and favoritism oriented. Thank-you Mr. Prom King.