The Ignorance and Idiocy of Hackerzz

Why on earth would our Peeps of the Gub friends at Hell in a Handbasket (see side-bar link) get hacked by a bunch of ignorant illiterate jerkoffs from Bangladesh – if in fact they are such. Why? I just don’t get it, the inability to distinguish mental capacity from intellectual acuity.

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There’s really something wrong with these mental-midgets. It makes me sad to see retarded children play with chainsaws.
It’s like the anti-gun maroons who think you can simply, effectively, just ban something – it’s like banning murder: Chinese teen kills nine in knife attack. Make it more illegaler. Or make hammers illegal. It’s stupider than when the elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top, but goes to the basement instead – where they hide their head in the sand.

UPDATE: Things seem back to normal with James at Hell in a Handbasket.


From Tam,


“…After the Norwegian Vidkun Quisling, who assisted Nazi Germany as it conquered his own country so that he could rule the collaborationist Norwegian government himself.”

In a weaselly attempt to get business back from online ammunition dealers like Brownells or LuckyGunner, Texas gun store owner Jeremy Alcede goes on the radio supporting a ban on online ammunition sales.

Dear Jeremy Alcede of Tactical Firearms, Katy, TX: I hope you freeze in the dark, you gutless quisling punk.

When your children are crying “Daddy, why are we on food stamps?” you can tell them “It’s because your Daddy was a selfish, pusillanimous sellout who put his personal bottom line ahead of the Bill of Rights, kids, and so nobody would buy anything from his store ever again.

Be sure and spread the word.

What a dirtbag weasel.

Definition of QUISLING


Liar: ‘We don’t get some of the massive checks that the other side does.’

Obama Fundraising in Switzerland lead by George Clooney in Geneva: Contribution Information: $30,000, Dinner Couple; $20,000 Dinner Individual; $5,000 Photo Reception; $1,000 Guest (a similar event for Obama four years ago brought in $900,000.)

San Francisco:  Tickets go from $5,000 for general admission to $75,00 for “photo reception,” to a stratospheric $50,000 for “table captain” status.

Los Angeles:  70 people will pay $25,000 to dine with the president. And in May 2012 at George Clooney’s home Obama pulled in a record $15 million from a reception for 150 supporters, followed by a smaller dinner for 50 people costing $1,000 per person for the first event, and $20,000 per person (or $30,000 per couple) for the second.

New York:   The elite affair at the opulent, Parisian-styled NoMad Hotel on Broadway and 28th Street is costing donors $40,000 per person, according to the Sunlight Foundation.

New York:  At Sara Jessica Parker’s pad, High rollers from the movie and fashion worlds have paid $80,000 per couple to rub elbows with the president and First Lady Michelle Obama at the event

As the HuffPo puts it: Most of Obama’s biggest bundlers in 2008 received appointments to ambassadorships, plum slots on arts, culture and humanities panels, or other government positions.  Wall Street might not be giving at the same clip as it did in 2008, but the financial sector has still supplied the campaign with nearly $11 million so far. The president has held more fundraisers than any other president in history at this point. And he’s raising more from small donors than he did in 2008.

Between rounds of golf, he’s a busy-guy.

Meanwhile on the tax-payers dime: The U.S. Government won’t explain, but a 9 News Now investigation has found $30 million in unreported bonuses for fiscal year 2011 – making the already troubled General Services Administration’s total bonus pool nearly $44 million…


Former New Jersey Governor and Wall-Street $500,000-level bundler Jon Corzine who disappeared more money than Bernie Madoff with the mysterious $2Billion collapse of MF Global yet somehow is not also in jail, would not comment.  Suffice to say that corrupt U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s old law firm used to represent the bankrupt brokerage firm MF Global Holdings…

(Obama Bundlers courtesy :

Top Industries of Obama Bundlers
Industry Min. Raised # of Bundlers
Lawyers/Law Firms $29,800,000 135
Securities & Investment $18,800,000 83
Business Services $13,350,000 48
Real Estate $8,850,000 35
TV/Movies/Music $8,050,000 31