New Contraption

In the midst of rain, cold and snow…my little squirrel brain began to think of new ways to cook things – I wanted a smoker (still do) but nevermind that as a novice I never even used one, not sure how to work one, have a perfectly good gas grill – and don’t want to spend a thousand-plus bucks on something made in China, let alone two grand on something made in Oklahoma.

Furthermore, in terms of Hunter-gathering (or Driving-buying), the locally convenient rotisserie chicken that we’ve been getting at the grocery store have going up in price under Binenflation, while also shrinking in size and weight – so I thought to try a gadget: a spin-burner:

Step one: Rotisserie contraption, for cookin‘ meats – not a lot of rotational clearance.

All the complaints I read about the rotisserie have had to do with the smooth notches on the spike not fitting newer grills, but fortunately all my stuff/junk/crap is old – and so it fits fine. Thing is, that you have to remove the grill grates to open enough space and fit a catch basin for drippy goo, directly on top of the “flavorizer bars” and burners, and use indirect heat – which gives me the opportunity to bring back my wood-chip smoker-box that’s pretty half-ass but might add a bit of smokey flavor…

Step two: Clearance available and Countdown to experimentation!

So in pictures today it all looks sunny and nice, but that’s just because the big clouds parted briefly, and with the Sierra now crowned in snow, and the cold runs downhill – daytime temps are in the low 50’s.

And right now in the dark night, it’s raining down pretty good. Our fabulous rescue Siberian Husky turns 11 on November 11, and born 2011 … and she loves the cold and rain, and mud – she’s our Veteran’s Day doggie!

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5 thoughts on “New Contraption

    • Looking forward to cranking it, even found a 20’ outdoor plug to run it. Doggie loves the four-feet of snow up in Tahoe from the recent storm, because the cold literally rolls downhill! But we’re downhill and it’s dang cloudy and chilly, and I’ll have to test the rotor when we get a bit of sunshine.


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