Fall Color

We haven’t seen a morning like this in quite a while, cool and foggy. As for “Fall Color” it’s pretty monochromatic — there’s not much color really. The acorns are big and fat under the oak trees and gopher holes dot the field from one end to the other.

Meanwhile the truck holds a yard and a half of mahogany colored bark to spread.

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6 thoughts on “Fall Color

  1. Our trees have started turning. Our maple has lost most of it’s leaves the last day or two, and our ash tree turned bright yellow around the same time. Apple tree is still green, but starting to show some color. Fall Colors have been a bit spotty this year for some reason. Our apple tree went nuts and carpet bombed us with little apples, and the maple tree made more seeds this year than we’ve ever seen.
    The squirrels will have full tummies this winter!

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