Pray for Rain.

And it did rain. Daytime temperatures fell thirty degrees, from the mid-100’s to the 70’s, and overnight temperatures plummeted from the high 70’s down to the low 50’s. Air Quality that had been in the “dangerously unhealthy” range from the Mosquito Fire got wiped away and restored to “good.” And the fire containment grew while the fire ceased advancing and did not grow. Yay! The extended heatwave is over.

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4 thoughts on “Pray for Rain.

  1. Rode to work Tuesday because I woke up and it was warm, warm, warm. Didn’t ride Wednesday because I woke up and it was cold, cold, cold.

    Not making any predictions at this point as to whether our “long, hot summer” is over but I will predict that winter will arrive whether we want it or not.

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    • Have not ridden in so long I forget! Have mainly ridden the John Deere – but it needs servicing. It’s dark when I get up, and the days are getting shorter by two and a half minutes each so winter is definitely coming.


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