Actual Heatwave

Don’t let the pretty clouds fool you. It’s 7:23PM in the evening of Labor Day, and the temperature has cooled-off to just 100-degrees, from a high of 110 earlier in the afternoon. Tonight the temps will even dip into the mid-80’s.

This whole week is going to be in that range, and has been since Saturday’s 103 and Sunday’s 105 – leading up to today – and tomorrow is supposed to be hotter. So with a cooler (by recent standards) morning, we got out to walk the dog by 6:30 sun-up while it was just in the mid-70’s…

I have a little RainBird sprinkler on a stake that you shove into the lawn, and have I set to rotate in a short arc and cool off the hot concrete at the garage-end, to keep from scorching the dog’s paws. It all helps a bit, but a dog that would more readily come when called, and get in out of the damn heat would help more!

UPDATE: 114 yesterday (Tuesday), but forecast ten-degrees cooler today at just 104. Meanwhile, a forest-fire started up in Foresthill (where we used to ride dirtbikes) last evening is being aggressively attacked – from the air – because that’s the only way to get at it, the location is so remote and difficult.

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8 thoughts on “Actual Heatwave

  1. I bought an expensive dog house kit for my dog. Over $100 twenty five years ago. Carefully put it together, set it in a nice convenient location in the shade of an apple tree. Put a water dish by the door. He went in, sniffed around, came out, never went in again. In the middle of a snowstorm he’d be curled up in the middle of the yard. Dogs do exactly what they want to do and then get extra attention from us for not doing what we think they should want.

    Your heatwave is our cold snap. Labor day BBQ on Sunday at my house and it rained all day, thankfully stopping right about when people started arriving. The sun came out and it was pleasant. I had lit the firepit because of the rain and then it was too hot. Can’t win for losing. Then Sunday night woke up in the middle of the night with cold air blowing on my head and the house freezing (not literally of course) cause I’ve had all the windows open and the fans going for two months. Can’t complain though.

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    • “Dogs do exactly what they want to do and then get extra attention from us for not doing what we think they should want.” You’re damn right about that!
      Can’t complain, because it’s not flooding here!


  2. Keep cool if you can. Your temps are higher than we’ve been having at our location (60 MI NW of phoenix). Just over monsoon season and looks like a cooling trend coming, temps only in the 90’s.

    Hope your pup stays cool. Ours are inside the A/C house most of the time until nature calls.

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    • Our local news reported what you just said, that Sac was hotter than Phoenix!
      Managed to trick the dog to come inside then shut the doors to keep it inside for a hour during the hottest part of the day – and running the lawn sprinklers gives her a cool place in the shade of a crepe myrtle tree…

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