Weird Weather

It’s 3:00PM and 102-degrees Fahrenheit, with overcast/high clouds – and just 14% humidity (and dropping). This is just weird, but better than yesterdays 105-degrees. The clouds offer some benefit I guess, they must reduce the temperature with no added humidity. It was 70-degrees when I got up at 6:00AM so it never really cooled-off overnight. Doggy doesn’t quite know what to do about it, while I add block-ice to her pool to keep things cool, and she enjoys her favorite pop-up sprinkler when it magically comes on.

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7 thoughts on “Weird Weather

  1. We don’t seem to be having the famous Arizona “dry heat” this month. Nothing but thunderstorms (monsoons), elevated humidity (70%) and not so much heat. Maybe 90 to 100 highs and 70 or so lows. Sticky!

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  2. We get baked plenty good out here! This has been the nicest Summer so far since we moved here. Days of 100+* weather, NO clouds, andh 10~12% RH can really gang up on you with the 5100′ altitude. My Sweet Little Wife gets sunburned in about 15 minutes!

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  3. We had some weather like that a week or so ago. Then it rained, and things returned to normal for this time of year. It’s 80* and 33% RH here, so it’s a pleasant day.

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