Awoke at 5:40 to the ping-ting…of rain hitting the downspout! Then it really started to come down. The dog is curious about this sky-water stuff, and annoyed at all the noise on the deck canopies. I put my rubber boots and raincoat on – and my Stetson – and we went for a sniff around the field. It does smell weird and a bit “tangy.” It’s been a long couple-three weeks of in the upper 90’s and 100’s temperatures, so this cool morning is unexpectedly welcome!

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    • In India it generally produced flooding, and in one incident in our area a 1kg. hailstone that killed a kid. My brother and I collected a handful of golf-ball sized hailstones on that day… Watching the two fronts collide in the sky above our house, was like looking at the most humongous surfing wave rear up and break, from the bottom – and it kept breaking! I’ve never seen anything like it since.


  1. We could use a few good rains, here in CO. I guess further North they got some. Right now, all the damn water is coming down where it ain’t exactly needed, e.g Death Valley Park and Siskiyou. And China.

    BTW, I just read the the Jan eruption of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai sent a buttload of water vapor into the stratosphere. That’s a whole lot more greenhouse effect than all the farting cattle on the planet. But buy an EV to combat climate change anyway.

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    • The “Climate Change” bureaucratic garbage and misdirection is the point of the spear for other Cultural Marxist-derived garbage ideologies like CRT and “genderism” that are so divisive. I have two V-8 trucks!


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