Unsettled Weather

78-degrees at noon is unusual after a week of consistently high 90’s, but we’ll take it! It was a low of 67 at 7:15AM, then barely climbing – and when the sun broke through the cloud layer it jumped up to 83 by 1:30PM…

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4 thoughts on “Unsettled Weather

  1. Weather has always been erratic. That is the reason that cars have windshield wipers , defrosters, heaters, and air conditioning. That is life in the “wild”.

    Over the last few weeks we had several storms that caused significant flooding. The weather is consistently erratic. That is why we try to keep flow-ways clear and why we pay for flood walls and berms. If not now, then soon.

    That what roofs, insulation, and HVAC are for.

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    • For us the danger up here is fire, not storms or flooding. It used to be earthquakes (after which the main damage is fire-related), but we don’t live down there anymore. We have to keep fire escape-ways clear, and cut back the foliage to maintain defensible space – and hope our neighbors do likewise. We have to be within 1,000ft of a fire-hydrant just to get insurance. I’m glad to have a new roof, more insulation, and a new HVAC system too! It’s also good for your local tradesmen, so they don’t have to go off and find work somewhere far away.


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