Second Cut

Before another “threatening” rainfall, between the two of us we got the field done. The near dog-lawn was cut last week, and the bit of field across the fence was mostly cut. Cutting came to an abrupt halt when the 5-year old secondary belt (the one that runs the blades) which had suffered malign use, abuse (and had been ” smoked” a couple times), finally came apart and flew away. Fortunately my wife was mowing at the time, so the blame didn’t fall on me – except for the part about having savaged the belt in prior years…

The next step was to lower the mowing deck, un-do the primary, and go get a replacement secondary belt. Two nuts that held the spring-loaded, rear retaining pins had been over-tightened and prevented the pins from releasing the deck from the rear draw-bars, but engaging the use of a claw-hammer and brute force accompanied by minor bruising and scuffed knuckles, allowed that situation to be rectified – and with a 5/8″ socket I loosened the nuts sufficiently to make future repairs easier. Sheesh

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    • Four People!? Maybe even SIX if you count the occasional Cap’n Bob, and rockstar Liverpudlian Thud, from Over the Water… And maybe seven if my dog could read.


  1. PS Stupid green bin recycling only gets picked up every other week. In the winter it sits doing nothing but costing me money, in the summer I fill it with a half mowed lawn and then have to wait two weeks before I can fill it again. It is stupid.

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  2. I mowed half the lawn two Thursday’s ago cause that’s all I had room for in the green recycle bin. Then last week I mowed the same bit again because it needed it badly. Never mind the part I hadn’t mowed yet, although I did manage to do about half of it the next day. Still have 1/4 that has never been mowed and starting to show it.

    Mower belt stretched out last year and I bought a new one. Haven’t replaced it yet but it’s pure laziness and intertia. I continue to use the walk behind which so far has been fine since I need the exercise. I blame the neighbor with whom I share the mower. I think he abuses it. We’re friends but I probably wouldn’t go halves on used power equipment with him again.

    Also pretty sure he doesn’t read this blog.

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    • I have two “green” bins for yard-waste that cost the same as just one – but I didn’t run the grass-bagger attachment since the bins were already full of other junk and the belt for the impeller is also completely reached.
      Never thought of going halves on a piece of equipment! Pretty sure nobody reads this blog either, just like three people maybe.
      It actually rained!! And it’s continuing, amazingly.


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