Nice and sunny. We had lunch at a little brew-pub with the wife’s BFF from way back, who lives across the Folsom Resevoir, in Newcastle. And brought the doggie – after I combed-away handfuls of fur tufts.

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4 thoughts on “82-Degrees

  1. PS Raining and 46 degrees here. Motorcycle swap meet tomorrow but I guess I won’t be riding although I could. Just doesn’t seem as fun as it used to when I look outside and think “warm car with radio”. I guess when I was younger it didn’t occur to me that driving was an option when going to a motorcycle event. Although also had a bunch of friends who also rode then so no one wanted to be the guy who wussied out.

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    • When we would go to the Cow Palace bike show as a group it was always on bikes – unless it was nighttime.
      Rain supposedly moving in Monday night with a fairly good % possibility, but that always diminishes as time goes on…so I cut the field anyhow.


  2. Always the best time of year to have a cold weather dog as they shed giant tufts everywhere. I remember grabbing Brutus (Samoyed-wolf) while playing and just pulling giant handfuls off. The back yard would look like an explosion in a fur factory.

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    • White dog, black truck..fur tornado going down the Highway with all the windows open! I had to combed her before we went to lunch at a local brewpub so she wouldn’t be a problem, and she wasn’t – compared to the cottonwood trees that were dumping fluff everywhere!


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