Slight Change in the Weather

A bit of cooling is forecast for tomorrow, as a system is moving down from the Northwet and bringing some snow above the 4,000-foot level. It’s been a great Springtime with the daffodils popping up all around, but we can really use whatever moisture God decides to provide, before Emperor Newsome decides to mandate a drought and water-lockdown.

Meanwhile we had our neighbors from the other house over for lunch: grilled New Zealand lamb – which turned out very nicely – and the mild weather allowed me to turn my attention to the Embankment drip-lines, and complete some repairs.

In other news of ageing infrastructure repairs, I’ll be returning to the periodontist for round #2 of root planing, in an effort to ward of further decrepitude – plus I get a shiny new toothbrush.

Happy Valentineses!

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2 thoughts on “Slight Change in the Weather

    • Kinda puts the rest of the day on hold, plus soup and soft foods – but its worth it to keep the choppers intact. Not getting any new infrastructure either! Enjoy the week!


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