Mild Weather

Sunrise on Monday was pink and orange, giving way to a low-60 degree day and the prospect of grilling, so we did.

The object of the grilling was a flank-steak “pinwheel” that rolled-up around an Ortega chili.


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8 thoughts on “Mild Weather

  1. I should probably add that when I was stationed in California and living in Concord and then later San Leandro I rode almost every day and grilled two or three times a week. When the weather was wintry we dragged the barbeque over to the sliding glass doors, under the shade of the patio cover, and grilled by opening the doors just enough to reach out and turn the meat. It was glorious. Then California became a progressive hellhole and we left. Now I don’t get to ride or grill, and Washington is slowly becoming more progressive and more hellholish, although nowhere near that of California.

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    • It’s true the Bay has much more mild weather, like no weather at all compared to up here in the sticks – and it has definitely become a Progressive hell-hole, and a traffic hell-hole, and a homeless hell-hole, and a too-damn-many-people hell-hole… We are so glad we moved to this Redneck oasis, and I’m never going back down there!


  2. Nice. Been in the 40s during the day here, mostly with some rain. Could be riding weather with the gear on but not really fun, plus the extra time getting ready at each end, twice. Definitely not grilling weather unless I ever get my covered pergola built, at which point the grill will be under cover. I could then theoretically fire up the patio heater, fire up the grill, build a fire in the firepit, make myself a tropical drink, and sit outside pretending I was enjoying myself.

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