Snow on the Dogwood

It’s kinda uncommon to get several days of snow, back to back in a continuum. Usually it’s just a single day/event, and then the rain washes it away, but here we are waking up to another day of snowfall…

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6 thoughts on “Snow on the Dogwood

  1. Out here in the flat lowlands, we’ve been living high on the fat hog, so to speak. I’ll bet we’ve had only 4-6 days of cold mornings since November 1, with not one whole day where it was truly cold for more than about 12 full hours. No shit, it was 72 degrees on Christmas Eve. Really, unheard of for this area, where December is usually bone-sucking cold.

    The dive to single digits starts this weekend, I’m given to understand, so Old Man Winter was just late to the party this year, and he can just as quickly leave, as far as I’m concerned.

    Here’s hoping for a better year to come.

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  2. What’s your elevation there? We’re at 2100 feet MSL here in AZ and have only rain and a little fog so far. It has snowed only a handful of times in the past ten years at our place.

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