Snow on the Windmill

Usually if and when we get it, the snow sneaks in quietly at night when it’s cold, but today it’s cold and the snow isn’t hiding. There’s a lot of water flowing across the field this morning since we got about an inch of rain in the night.

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4 thoughts on “Snow on the Windmill

  1. My idiot neighbors (friends so I can say that without fear of insult) took out their working furnace two summers ago and gave it away. I helped deliver it so someone out in the county. They were going to put in something different. Never did. Heating the rooms they use with little electric buddy heaters. Now they are pissing and moaning because their pipes are freezing and they don’t understand why. Good grief. Californians, btw. Good people, pretty conservative but they apparently haven’t figured out that what might work in Modesto is pure lunacy up here.

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    • That is seriously lunatic! It gets dang cold down in Modesto, you’re only a short ride up to Yosemite! I’m glad for the new furnace I have, it’s more efficient and doesn’t bang like an oil-can when it turns on.


    • If we got into single digits like that I think people would freak! Lot of power-outages, and the gas stations are backed-up with people filling gas cans to feed their generators… And tourists headed-up to go skiing lost in the snow.


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