Christmas Eve Containment Breech

The catch-basin cinderblocks collapsed under the onslaught of water from the overnight storm as runoff poured down off the fields all around, and especially from my neighbors overflowing pond. However the channel I had dug a couple years ago directed all the excess water back into the “Dry Creek Bed” lined with rocks, and away to the other side of the fence-line. I plan to rebuild the catch-basin with larger and heavier terrace blocks in the Spring that will hopefully resist the water pressure, and if not that at least make the next breech more dramatic.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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8 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Containment Breech

  1. More dramatic? Heresolong is getting the idea. I was thinking about a re-enactment of the ending of Force 10 from Navaronne, but a bombing run sounds fun too.

    Merry Ho Ho!

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  2. In the meantime, restack the blocks, then build a little village out of model railroad parts and accessories so that it can be swept away in a disaster of epic proportions when the new dam bursts with no warning. A trail cam would be perfect for catching all the action. A memorial could then be erected.

    Provided by “Morbid-Hobbies-R-Us” at no charge this Christmas season. You are welcome. 😁

    And have a wonderful Christmas Day and a Happy New Year.

    PS Having a rare white Christmas here as I sit and drink my coffee and look out at the snow falling. It is spectacular right now and I don’t need to go anywhere so there’s that. The single digit temperature forecasts for tonight and/or tomorrow night are less welcome.

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    • Merry White Christmas!! Great Idea! Maybe rig a line to my Neighbor’s tree and fly a model Lancaster Dam Buster with an M-80 set to blow…

      We are told to be expecting some more snow tonight, so Fa-la-la and Happy Mo’betta New Year.

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    • Thanks for the tip! The other, smaller blocks are quite old, but with some nice moss ans stuff. Plus the old layout isn’t a nice curve, but an interrupted “D” shape that is fat at one end and curved at the other… My septic tank guy sells some serious concrete peel-off epoxy that’s like a taped-up snake.


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