A Little Fall Color

Before the leaves all jump off…

We’re enjoying some very pleasantly mild weather while the days get noticeably shorter, cold in the morning with lots of dew before warming enough to do some yardwork. The sled-doggie being an aggressive sniffer got her face into some dirty shrubbery, and required some drops or ointment in her left eye – which went unappreciated by the doggie. So on her yearly birthday visit to the Vet for checkup and shots we were referred to a canine ophthalmology center because she was squinting and favoring that eye. Unfortunately that meant a trip down to noisome “civilization” with obnoxious traffic and aggressive morons in small cars, that we are fortunate to entirely eschew up here in the sticks, but we braved the madness and she came home wearing The Cone of Shame… That didn’t stay on very long as it interfered with so much of Her World – and it wasn’t like she needed to be prevented from scratching a sore or open wound or anything, so we keep watch over her on the deck and with a leash when we go walking. She’s a trooper and will get better for sure.

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