Long-Pants Day

Forty-odd degrees cold this morning at o-dark 6:30 and windy gusting to 16-miles in the afternoon, so the first long-pants day since…April? I forget. It was an awful summer, gladly past but not forgotten.

All the canopies have been removed and stored away for the season, and the umbrellas furled. Also big clouds piling up over the Sierra, and probably more snow. Yesterday we sat in the sun and relaxed, then did yard chores. First a do-over seeding and fertilizing of the Dog Lawn, and also another bare patch out in the field where not even weeds are growing, and finally the “real” lawn beside the house. Inside I patched and sanded a few spots in preparation of The Painters coming, just needs a dab of primer so the new paint takes evenly. A pressure-washer guy is coming Friday to tackle the exterior, and colors have been selected – but with the wholesale disruption of the Supply Chain, even paint may be hard to come by, so we’ll see if there’s additional delays.

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8 thoughts on “Long-Pants Day

  1. Yeah, after the fiasco with that POS “Sno Joe” electric one, I bought a REAL one. An Ariens Deluxe 24, which should laugh at even the worst snows we’ve had in the four years we’ve been here.

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    • At least not for my snowblower!

      My Makita chainsaw is battery powered, and it’s amazing. I can go through a 10″ log almost as fast as a big two-stroke, and the battery capacity is enough that by the time the batteries are depleted, so am I! Takes about 30 minutes to recharge both batteries, at which time I’ve cleaned the saw, checked the chain oil, and had a beverage to cool myself down a bit.

      Our “Tree Guy” even said it was better than any other battery one he’s seen. And he’s a dyed-in-the-wool Stihl guy like you. All the forestry guys here use Stihl, as they’re very easy to repair and do maintenance on when they need it.

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    • As just a nite: there’s been a LOT of big old timber coming down around here, everywhere you see it, there’s a PG&E line that never saw daylight in twenty years, it’s lit up now. Some of these boys gotta be raking in the double overtime, but it’s double overdue. Most of the tree limbs are better than 10” thanks to the “deferred forestry” plan that the ‘70’s hippies who now run the FS advocated…I went to school with a bunch like that…


  2. Switched to “Long Pants Mode” a few weeks ago. We’ve been in the mid 70’s during the week, and mid 40’s at night. The first freeze is coming this weekend, which should really knock the leaves off some of the trees here.
    Got all the hoses and sprinklers stored, and cleaned out the garage today so I’ll have room for the new snowblower that’s coming on Wednesday.

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