Plain Air

Yesterday was pretty good and ended up better, which is to say only Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups, but this morning started out that way and has gotten better – so we took the doggie out for a walk since the skies were not all clouded with smoke, and then went to lunch at Poor Red’s. Burger and fries for me, Caesar for my wife – hand-fed nibbles for the white Siberian Husky.

The wiggly-wobbly Dr. Seuss Tree in the distant tree-line, left of center.

Due North is to the Left, South to the right. The windmill is facing West and spinning rapidly, so the wind is headed due-East, towards The Fire. Hopefully it will get pushed up onto granite with little fuel. One local Fireman commentator in the news related that one burn area, a steep canyon below Twin Bridges, was choked with large fallen trees, and there was no record of it burning since 1940 – and actually none prior to that either. That’s 80+ years of accumulated fuels, and in the past 10-year drought, things have been getting dryer and dryer including forest-floor fuels, with a strict moratorium on fuel removal.

Only after the King Fire a couple years ago that burnt down to the bottom of the American River Canyon, and after repeated requests by our Congresscritter, were some avenues opened to allow downed-tree and debris removal, and a higher level of National Forest management. That activity in the last two years probably saved a lot of houses in Pollock, because of all the tree-loss due to bark-beetle infestation and removing that dead wood.

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  1. Glad y’all are getting a break. The Caldor fire isn’t going away any time soon, sadly. Not enough folks to throw at it, considering Dixie and the other fires. With 50 cut, and 88 cut by the Tamarack fire, getting out of South Tahoe is only going to be possible by going north, and that road isn’t set up for that amount of traffic.

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    • Tahoe is a ghost town now, but it looks like the fire-head is going up a blind granite canyon behind Heavenly, and may fire itself out, God willing. There are an awful lot of lessons to be learned – if the pudding-heads will receive them. Kinda like Kabul. People need to be fired.


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