Fire on the Mountain

This morning we awoke to clear skies after a southern, BayAryan, “Delta Effect” breeze blew through and cleared the air. Yesterday was thick an oppressive. Because fire.

Caldor Fire Cloud

And this is the fire-cloud, which loomed much larger this morning when we walked the dog, but flattened-down as time went on. This afternoon aircraft have been constantly flying overhead, inbound on the right of the picture, outbound on the left – C-130’s that carry water and DC-10’s with fire retardant – I don’t believe the fleet is very large. Grizzly Flat is about 20-miles away and has been evacuated, among other communities.

Here’s a link to the evacuation map:

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2 thoughts on “Fire on the Mountain

    • Yes Grizzly Flat got torched. Some good news reported in the Sac Bee, that four homes located near a fire-hydrant survived – a miracle. An old guy who’s family has been there a 100 years said to the Mt. Democrat newspaper, “People who lived up here 50 to 100 years ago clear-cut the town. You didn’t let the trees grow in town. Now, everybody lets the trees go.” The bulk of the conflagration is up in the Forest, down in the Cosumnus River canyon, not down here in the ranch-lands, but that means Sly Park and Pollock and Camino needs evacuating…


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