Red Sun

Yesterday I had a Blogversary and I forgot all about it. In the past I celebrated the Mai-Tai, but since ‘Going Western’ I haven’t made one of those in years. Today is another day of low AQI in the smoke, but yesterday got measurably better as the day went on and at least things haven’t worsened.

Except where the FatBoy is concerned. After fiddling with the left (clutch side) handlebar switches and replacing the black caps with plastic chrome, that side no longer functions as a running-light. The turn indicators work (and the horn and high-low beam) but it’s not on as a running-light like the right (brake) side…

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  1. Blue wires in the turn signal plug would be where I would start. There isn’t much too that so unless you accidentally cut a wire… Try switching the two blue wires in the plug. If the side that lights up switches, you have identified the problem. Also, might you have burned out or broken a bulb while messing around? Try switching the two bulbs and see what happens. Weirder coincidences have happened.

    (Try explaining to a customer why his EFI light comes on after you changed the front tire. Honestly sir, we didn’t touch your EFI and I don’t know why it is coming on but I’m happy to take a look.)

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