Cool and overcast, I slept-in till 6:20 not expecting the cloud-cover and 60-degree temps. The doggie barked excitedly to be let in, and jumped on the bed for the “Morning Meeting.” After greeting us she ran outside and picked up her toy, while a song that had been running through my head all night played again, Tears for Fears, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” WTH?

We walked the dog and the sun came up over the trees a faint red ball, and the whiff of wood-smoke is more pronounced, so during the night the wind must have shifted…

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13 thoughts on “Overcast

  1. Raining here. Supposed to last through tomorrow and then another heatwave, but smaller than the last heatwave. Hopefully the rain and cooler temperatures will knock down the wildfire problem somewhat on the east side (of the Cascade range).


  2. 99 Degrees and Sunny here in Wickenburg. We watch Calif. daily since a lot of friends and family still out there literally all over the state. Glad you guys can grill lunch today.

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    • We were grilling shrimp and scallops and zucchini for an early lunch. The Smokeovercast has cooled things down a bit. 76 degrees at 11:30 instead of 86 degrees. Air quality is Moderate here, and the fires are to the North.


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