Mini Heatwave

Cool Pool

Yes it’s been a bit hot up here, but not as bad as the Pacific Northwest – and we haven’t had many fires…yet – or PG&E induced brownouts.

The last two weeks have been in the low 100’s or high 90’s, so I moved a second awning out onto the deck to deflect the direct sunlight, and shifted two umbrellas out beside the garage wall. There’s no real shade here otherwise and it’s usually mid-80’s before noon.

This morning when I got up at 5:30AM it was already 70-degrees, so we got an early start shopping at a local fruit-stand up in Camino, then breakfast at the Sportsman’s Hall at around 8:15AM.

This week is supposed to cool down a bit with temps just in the low 90’s…until the following week. We change the water in the doggie pool and sometimes add a bag of ice or block-ice, otherwise the cement slab in the garage acts a cooling pad – except when it doesn’t cool down overnight.

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5 thoughts on “Mini Heatwave

  1. 93 on Monday here right on the coast of the Puget Sound. 109 20 miles inland at my sisters. It was hot. I even put an AC unit in the back window of my house that my friend’s gave me but it didn’t do any good except in that room. Tried putting fans in the door to blow cold air, all it did was make the house a tad cooler but muggy. So chalk that up as a failed experiment. Not planning on central AC in my 112 year old home unless this becomes routine.

    Thankfully when school is out I set my own hours so was doing one job, first thing in the am, then home to sit in the shade under the apple tree and drink ice tea.

    Today, back down to “highs in the 70s” which is a nice summer up here. The “how can you be so selfish as to set of fireworks on July 4th because they bother my pets and I have PTSD” crowd is super happy since the hot weather is leading to a lot of fireworks bans locally.

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