Cold Snap


It’s the beginning of Summer and last week’s little heatwave has fallen apart. It was in the 100’s and high 90’s but now is just a nearly chilly 64-degrees! The tree-guys are finally coming tomorrow to take out the two rubbishy plums and the miniature (fruit-size) pear, and I’ll get some sky and sunshine back. They’re also going to take off a limb of my neighbor’s oak that’s leaning over my power-drop…

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2 thoughts on “Cold Snap

  1. But if it’s routinely in the 100s why would you want the sun and sky? I’d think shade would be the #1 want.

    We had similar weather only think 80s then 50s and pouring rain. I promptly came down with a nasty cold (which hasn’t happened to me in years), probably because I haven’t been exposed to any germs in a year due to stupid Chinese Virus governmental mandates. I’d be willing to bet that immune systems are down across the board. Back to work today though, just with a scratchy throat and a residual cough.

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    • The shade from the miniature pear only falls on the side of the garage, where we want to put in more vegetables – and it sheds crap the rest of the year. And the fruitless plums are only shading the embankment – and are not fruitless but messy – so I’ve got a huge bunch of orange daylillies that need separating and will go in there…
      Congrats on back to School!! I basically missed a year of Math when we were overseas and my parents didn’t know I needed glasses – couldn’t see a thing on the blackboard, and never really caught up again…so no career in Engineering!


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